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10 Reasons Why Black Women Wear Weaves


10. Men Like It
It is said that most black men like long hair on a black girls. When in reality most black men would tell you no they don’t like weave they prefer for a black girl to wear her hair out natural.
9. We Can’t Grow Our Own
Some black girls use weave because they simply have no other choice, it’s either that or rock a bald head. Sometimes the lost of hair can be for health reasons, aging, or simply bald spots in certain places.
8. Protective Hairstyle
Black girls don’t only use weave for the outer appearance, but it can actually help your hair grow and get thicker. If your hair isn’t damaged from perming, dying, etc.
7. Acceptance
Mostly all of the black girls portrayed in the media have weaves. Western society says a black girl isn’t beautiful unless she has a weave, thus, ultimately forcing her to conform to society’s standards by getting a weave.
6. It Looks Better
It is said that straighter hair looks better on a black girl rather than her naturally coarse, kinky hair. This is not true confidence is sexy and a confident woman can rock any hairstyle.

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5. Fashion
Straight, long hair will forever be classic, in style and on the run ways. Not true there are many different styles, not one particular hairstyle fits everybody’s personal style or facial bone structure.
4. Saves Time
For some black girls is not because it’s fashionable or what’s in. It simply is easier and saves them time in the morning rather than trying to manage their own hair.
3. We Feel Naked Without It
Has having a weave become as common as putting on our makeup or earrings in the morning? Do we feel naked without a weave? This is sad but for a lot of black girls this is true.
2. Our Secret Weapon 
A well gone weave can render a black helpless and fooled into thinking that our real hair.
1. Black Girls Don’t Know How To Take Care Of Their Own Hair
With perms, dyes, putting heat to your hair everyday. Is it simply that we don’t know how to take care of our own hair without it breaking off. No, we are aware of the do’s and don’ts with taking care of our, but simply the measures blacks have to take to make their hair manageable.

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