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3-year-old DJ Arch Accused of CHEATING


The story that is behind little Oratilwe Hlongwane aka DJ Arch Junior, a three-year-old DJ who has taken South Africa and the whole continent by storm.
Arch’s career started out with his father Glen sharing a few videos of him on the decks on Facebook and through social media he became an instant hit.
Arch has since entered SA’s Got Talent and over the past month the young man walked away with the R500 000 prize money and products from Avon and Celltone worth R35 000.
Like always, the world will always question ones achievements and social media was quick to claim that Arch had cheated on the final episode of the show by saying that his audio cables were not connected to the mixing deck. In addition to that some people made accusations that he was playing a pre-recorded mix on the show.
Destiny magazine shares that e.TV publicist Michael Pocock has rubbished all the claims and assures audiences that Arch’s talent is legitimate.
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“The photo that has been making the rounds on social media does not show the full technical setup of DJ Arch’s performance, which took place at Soweto Theatre on the 8th of November 2015 in the finale of SA’s Got Talent,” he said also adding that the audio cables were connected via the laptop and not the controller.
“There were two laptops on the stage, which DJ Arch Jnr was consistently watching. The one laptop has the DJ software on it, which plays the songs, and the other laptop has a countdown system which cues DJ Arch Jnr. The controller in front of him has a black USB cable connected to the laptop, which is feeding into it,” he says.
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There you have it folks, there was no cheating involved. Well we guess everyone should just suck it up that a 3-year-old may be richer than the majority of the kids in this country. –AfricanNews24

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