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How To Apply For a USA Non-Immigrant Visa in Kenya


  • Unless otherwise exempted, participants whose SEVIS I-20 or DS 2019 form, was issued on or after September 1, 2004 must pay a SEVIS I-901 Fee to the Department of Homeland Security for each individual program. The fee may be paid through a special website, via western union, or by mail on form I-797. Please note the Embassy will NOT accept student applications if the SEVIS payment does not reflect in our computer systems.
  • Students need to bring test scores and financial exhibits from their sponsors.
  • I-20 or the DS-2019 form must be valid.  If expired we can accept an extension letter, fax or email from the student’s prospective school, college, university.
  • Names and date of birth on the passport’s bio-data page and the information on the I-20 or the DS 2019 form must correspond.
  • Students should apply for their visa well in advance of their reporting date for school; however they should apply no earlier than 120 days prior to their reporting or expected date in school.
  • If issued visas, students or the exchange program visitors cannot report to school more than 30 days before the intended date of arrival as per the I-20 or DS-2019.

What additional documents do I need as a returning student/exchange visitor?

  • Form I-20/DS-2019 that has been endorsed on the back by a school official within the past 12 months.
  • A certified copy of your grades from the school in which you are enrolled or previous school (student)
  • Financial documents from you or your sponsor, showing your ability to cover the cost of your school.
  • Returning students/exchange visitors are NOT required to pay the SEVIS fee.

Additional documents for Other Visa Applicants


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