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Download GHRIS Payslip Online – www.ghris.go.ke Payslip Online

www.ghris.go.ke payslip View or print online 

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Welcome to Government of Kenya, Government Human Resource Informations, MSPS-Online Service by which you can simply do GHRIS Registration and GHRIS Login. After Login you will do the following if you are employee of Government of Kenya and would like to print your payslip online with simple steps, then you come to right place. Here is explained below, how you will be to print the same.

How do i download my payslip from ghris

By following steps you can print easily your Payslip:-

  1. Visit Website: www.ghris.go.ke/loginonly.aspx
  2. First of all you need to register yourself by Clicking "New to GHRIS, Register Here" button.
  3. After completing your registration form you were asked to enter USER ID and PASSWORD, please choose unique User Id and tough case sensitive password.
  4. Now please visit again or your will directly promoted to login page. Before login please check your email for the verification. After validation you will finally able to login the GHRIS Login page.
  5. Now Login page with your USER ID and Password, the same you had filled at registration of form in the beginning.
  6. After successful Login you will see your whole needed data. All the best.
  7. By chance if you forget password of your login system. Then kindly again visit the website:www.ghris.go.ke/loginonly.aspx and click Forget Your Password and fill the required form.

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