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Hello,am Cosmas Kariuki..had a TAlA loan worth ksh 6480 and I cleared last week...kindly update my status to enable me access another loan today please

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My name is ahmed I had taken a loan from you guys of 20700 was supposed to pay last month but I couldn't it was extended to this month but still I'm not in a position to pay now,but will be receiving my money on 27th of this month that's when I will be paying your loan hopefully before next month start,sorry for the inconvenience and was hoping you could consider me please thanks
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Here is How To Contact Tala Kenya, Formerly Mkopo Rahisi for loan related issues. Repayment, borrowing, and clearance.

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Hello please reopen my account we exchanged phone device with onother person but when i open the device is linked to onother account my phone number 0708546543 my name is felix kajana
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Hello kindly help me get my phone pin i dial it several times and i can not now access my account in order to start paying my loan here is my  phone number 0720 621 521
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