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How do I add PayPal as a payment method for Facebook Ads?

Add PayPal as a payment method for Facebook ads

You can connect your PayPal account to your ad account and use it as a payment method for Facebook ads.

Add PayPal as a payment method for Facebook ads

  1. Make sure that pop-ups are enabled on your browser.
  2. Go to the Billing section of your Ads Manager.
  3. In the Payment Methods section, click Edit Payment Methods.
  4. Click Add Payment Method.
  5. Select PayPal and then click Continue. A pop-up window will appear prompting you to log into an existing PayPal account or sign up to create a new PayPal account to link to your ads account.

If the currency you want to pay in isn't accepted by Facebook Ads, you can still make your payment through PayPal in a supported currency. You'll first need to convert your currency through PayPal to change the balance to a currency that we accept. Please note that you will incur a PayPal currency-conversion fee.

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