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Here is information about: Smile Uganda: Login, Internet Bundles,Coverage, Head Office Location, Contacts & Customer Care Number.

Smile Communications Uganda is a communication service provider based in Uganda. Smile provides 4G LTE High Speed Internet. in Uganda and Tanzania. Smile delivers affordable, high-quality and easy-to-use broadband access and communication services to customers across Africa.

Founded in 2007, Smile is at the forefront of harnessing technologies to create innovative solutions that enable the cost-effective deployment of advanced communication services to everyone in Africa. 

It launched its first commercial network services in Kampala, Uganda in November 2009, where it provided its customers with voice and messaging services, with or without the ownership of a handset. 

Smile has now launched East Africa’s first 4G LTE network to the Tanzanian market, starting in Dar es Salaam, closely followed by the Ugandan Market, starting in Kampala, offering its customers high quality broadband access and communication services.

Smile Internet Bundles

Our offer is simple.

You only pay for what you use. There are a number of data bundles designed to suit every type of user.

We let you move between packages when it suits you and we also offer lower out-of-bundle rates. And, when you’re almost out of airtime, you’ll receive a notification so you can top up before you run out.

Smile Uganda Customer Care Number

Need to recharge but don't have airtime handy? No worries!

You can E-mail Smile Customer Care or call 0414 530 111 and we'll assist you.

Something for everyone

Buy as much data as you need, when you need it.

Prepaid Bundles

Validity Period

Bundle Price in UGX

Out-of-Bundle Tariffs in UGX

PPU (Pay-Per-Use)

Not applicable

Not applicable

55,000 UGX per GB

500 MB

60 days

25,000 UGX

55,000 UGX per GB

1 GB

60 days

45,000 UGX

55,000 UGX per GB

3 GB

60 days

85,000 UGX

55,000 UGX per GB

10 GB

60 days

150,000 UGX

55,000 UGX per GB

20 GB

60 days

250,000 UGX

55,000 UGX per GB

50 GB

60 days

530,000 UGX

55,000 UGX per GB

Smile Uganda Contacts

Smile Uganda Login

Smile Telecom Uganda Location

Smile Uganda Customer Care Number

Smart Internet Uganda

Smile Uganda Coverage

Smile Telecom Uganda Head Office

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