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The latest Global Stable ROM of Nougat upgrade for Note 4 Pro is now released. Our programmers work around the clock to make achievements. Hope you will like it and give us feedback. Infinix will be better with You!

Update Package

For build numbers which are related to A, please download





Released notes:

Caution! This update may crash rooted devices.
Please plug in charger to OTA upgrade when power is lower than 30%.
Fixed issues:  

1. Fixed the display issue of Myanmar language in the system

2. Fixed the internally known issues

3. Fixed the translation issue of multi-languages

4. Fixed the issue occurred after the OTA upgrade

5. Fixed the issue where the horizontal screen was not allowed in the startup guide interface

Optimized issues:

1. Optimized the game experience of Mobile Legends

2. Optimized the issue where the Flashlight was touched inadvertently

Added Functions:

1. Updated the TouchPal

2. Updated the Palmplay

System Upgrade Method

OTA update:

1.Connect the network

2.Go to A-Z->"System Update";

3.Refresh and check whether the new version is available

4.Update the latest version

T card update:

1.Download and put the update image into T card (you can get the image on Xclub)

2. Insert the T card into the phone

3.Go to A-Z->"System Update" then select "Update from local"

4.Select the image on the T card and waiting about 5mins

Bug report and Feedback:

If you meet some bugs or problems, please obey the following rules to give us feedback in the thread.

1. Country:

2. Smartphone Models:

3. Build number:
          (Go to settings->About phone->Build number).

4. Bugs Report/Suggestions:(specific description and Screenshot)

Specific description:

Software version number:Go to settings->APPS->Feedback APP->APP

info->version(APP Name Next)

network status:E、H+、3G、4G

phone power:(1%-100%)

5. Provide Screenshot or Screen recorder or Capture log

Screenshot :Press Power Key+Volume Down

Screen recorder:Press Power Key+Volume Up

You can also give us log if you would like.

How to Capture log

1) Go to settings->About phone->press the Build number 5times

2) Back to settings->Develop options and turn it on

3) Go to dail page-> input "*#9646633#" and go to "EngineerMode"->go to "Log and Debugging" tab and  go to "MTKlogger" then press the start button

4) And when you want to give us the log go to the same page with step 3 and press stop. the log path is on this page also.

Tips: the log may impact the system performance a little.

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