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Missing Logo All articles must include a logo, which you can upload in the Style Editor.

Hi, I'm experiencing an issue that I'm unable to submit articles for review as it stated Missing Logo (All articles must include a logo, which you can upload in the Style Editor). But actually I have already created a template with my logo on. (in FB publishing tool page)

Are there any ways to solve this problem? I submit articles via wordpress.

Version Info

  • Plugin version: 3.3
  • WordPress version: 4.3.4
  • PHP version:

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How to Solve Logo Missing Error in Instant Articles

So before submitting to review you must add logo in Instant Articles. There is no need to add logo in every Instant article. Once you add log in style editor it will be shown automatically in all Instant Article. To add logo follow the steps given below.

  1. First go to publishing tools of your page.
  2. Then under configuration go to style editor.
  3. In style editor you can create your custom style, but for now click on default style.
  4. Under style editor click on Logo from left hand sidebar.
  5. Then click on choose logo and upload logo image file.
  6. Now after uplaoding you can see your logo at right side in preview of your article style.
  7. Click on save. You have successfully uploaded logo for your Instant Articles.
  8. Now you can submit your article for review. It will take 2-3 days to get approval.

In this way you can change or upload logo for your Instant Articles.

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