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SHANGHAI XINHUA is founded in year of 2006 and located in shanghai china. We dedicated in manufacturing and selling excellent quality and smoothly running labeling machine In global packaging machine and labeling machine industry.
SHANGHAI XINHUA machinery is real professional manufacturer and factory of shrink sleeve label machine, hot melt glue opp bottle labeling machine,sticker labeling machine ,shrink label hot air heat shrink tunnel, shrink label wrapping machine,and vapor steam shrink tunnel machine.
Our equipment is designed and configured specifically for customer factory, product, and production requirements to maximize efficiency and ensure suitability for label application.
By over 12 years of experience in labeling industry, we have developed into a top professional labeling machine manufacturer in china. Our XINHUA brand shrink label applicator machine ,shrink tunnel machine and PACKSOUL brand bottle opp labeling machine and sticker labeling machine have been widely received and praised by domestic and foreign customers.
Of all the Chinese factories, we have the most comprehensive technology of manufacturing labeling machine for different kinds of containers. We have rich experience in almost all types of container labeling machine manufacturing .According to different products and containers,we have targeted labeling solution and technology for designing corresponding labeling machine for various kinds of products such as round bottle,oval bottle, flat bottle, square bottle, irregular shaped bottle, plastic bottle, PET bottle, HDPE bottle, glass bottle, water bottle, juice bottle, jars,yogurt cup, bowl, tube, can, E-liquid ,edible oil, adhesive packaging tape, cosmetics, beverage, pesticide, medicine, adhesive tape,etc. The rich experience in diversity of different container labeling machine application makes us different and outstanding from other manufacturers in china.
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