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We are farmer鈥檚 friends FARMDISCOVER committed to timely supplying agriculture parts and accessories to help farmers.
We provide parts for rotary tillers, cultivators, harvesters, tractors and diesel engines. We offer a complete line of replacement parts applicable to most model machines of Chinese brands, such as SIFANG, DONGFENG etc. It means we can deliver every part, even one nut. This is our advantage. We are also engaged in providing replacement parts applicable for the machines of world brands, such as Kubota, John Deere etc. Since 2000 we have been exporting our parts and have rich experience in agriculture parts export.
Our FD trademarked parts with good performance just like the originals at a reduced price, save money for you, keep your machines running at a low cost. You will be happy and satisfied to find the parts you need easily in one station of us FARMDISCOVER. That is our aim. wherever you are, since we are farmer鈥檚 friends in this same world.Tail Wheel Hub Spindle suppliers

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