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Semi-Worsted Carding Machine
1、 Model:
2、 Brief Introduction
2.1 YQ-FN200 Semi-worsted carding machine is equipped with a vibratory volumetric and electronic weighing wool feeding machine with two weighing systems.It can be used for semi-worsted and worsted spinning and suitable for any loose fibers,such as sheep wool, cashmere, rabbit hair, camel hair, alpaca hair, cotton, silk,chemical fiber and other fibers. Suitable fiber length is 16--80mm.
2.2 On the basic of complex mix of raw materials, we can add a set of opening units for the machine to make it more homogeneous.
3、 Product display
Machine TypeRight Hand
     (Face the mechanical direction of the net,the main drive is on the right hand)
Cylinder Width1020mm
DimensionMain Engine3300mm*2000mm*1800mm
Feeder Bucket2840mm*1500mm*3100mm
WeightMain EngineAbout 4 Tons
Feeding MachineAbout 1.5 Tons
Dragging PowerMain Engine3.3kw
Hopper feeder0.75kw
5、 Details
5.1  The structure of machine
5.2  Our factory
6、Our customers’ Workshop
 Wool Tops Machine

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