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How to Link Sarahah to Instagram :

  1. First of All, Open Instagram App on Your Phone & Login in it.
  2. Now open Instagram Story by sliding left.
  3. Now take a Snap (Photo or Video), Or You can Directly Pick Photo or Video which are taken last 24 hours by Swipe UP.

4. Now Click on Chain Link icon as shown in image above.

5. After clicking on Chain Link button, A new Window will Open which is shown in image below.

6. Now type your Sarahah username like (Username.Sarahah.com) in place of Enter Link field.You can also check your Sarahah username by opening Sarahah App and clicking on Profile at bottom right.After entering your Sarahah username, You can also check to whatever your username is right or not by clicking Preview button.

Note: (Don’t Make a Space in Your Username)

7. After Typing Sarahah username, Click on Done or Green tick in iPhone or Android Phone.

8. If your Sarahah link is successfully on Instagram then the Chain Link icon will turn white as shown in image above.

Note: If your Instagram don’t have Chain Link feature then you can follow Method 2 which does not required Chain Link feature.In Method 2, I will explain to how to put Sarahah link on Instagram with simple steps.You can link Sarahah with Instagram using method 2 by following below steps.

Method 2 – Link Sarahah Instagram :

  1. First of All, Open Instagram App in Your Phone.
  2. Now Go to Setting and Click on the Edit Profile.
  3. Now You Can Type Username.Sarahah.com on place of website.Fo Example If your Sarahah Username is markjoh then type(markjohn.Sarahah.com).
  4. Now Click on Done button and your Sarahah linked to Instagram.

If you face any problem in linking Sarahah on Instagram then comment below.We will try to help you as soon possible.After successfully linking Sarahah account with Instagram account, You receive lots of honest feedbacks.If you found this tutorial about adding Sarahah on Instagram helpful then share it with your friends so they can also link Sarahah Instagram with these easy steps.

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Am having problem in linking my Instagram to sarahah
Would you help me

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