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Babu Owino Biography, Education, Age, Wife, Shooting Dj



Paul Ongili alias Babu Owino is an outspoken and highly influential political personality in Kenya.

Babu Owino Age

Babu Owino was born on 10th October,  1989. He is currently 30 years old.

Babu Owino Wife

Babu is married to the beautiful Fridah Muthoni and together they have 2 children. The two met about 9 years ago in campus and Babu describes it as love at first sight. He knew he had to marry her before other men outsmarted him at it.

Babu Owino Wealth

Babu is known for his flashy lifestyle that usually involves plenty of flashy cars. When asked, he said that his wealth is purely self made and that he does not indulge himself in the business of drugs. He claims that he has a property and construction company as well as a supplies company. He also claims that he does farming. According to him, he became a financial orphan when Muamar Gadaffi of Libya was killed since he was of good financial help to him.

Babu Owino shooting dj

babu owino biographyBabu Owino was arrested on 17th January 2020 for shooting a DJ on the neck at B-club, Nairobi. The DJ was identified as Felix Orinda, commonly known as Evolve. The incident happened around 8 a.m. Babu went to social media and stated that his life has been in danger and that he did that purely for self defense purposes since  a crowd was forming around him. However, the CCTV footage from the club shows otherwise since he was so calm when he pulled out the gun and shot him. There was also no crowd or commotion around him prior to the event. The DCI police are looking into the matter and people want justice for the DJ.

Babu Owino upbringing

Babu Owino was born in the poverty- struck Kondele slums in Kisumu county on 10th October, 1989. He had a difficult life growing up, having to solely depend on her chang’aa- selling mother since his dad passed on when he was still young. He has 2 older siblings.

Babu Owino Education Background

Babu attended  Kisumu Township for his primary school educated and he scored 394/ 500 marks in KCPE in 2002. He got a chance to join Mang’u High school but due to financial constraints, he ended up joining Kisumu High school where he ended up getting an A- of 80 points in 2006’s KCSE. He then secured space at Moi University but he did not join. He went and worked at his uncle’s farm and later on joined the University of Nairobi via parallel program to study Actuarial Science since he loves maths so much. After his first degree in Actuarial Science, he went back and studied law in the same university. It is said that he currently has 3 degrees, 2 PhDs and 7 diplomas.

Babu Owino Politics

Babu’s political journey began when he became the student leader of Student Organization of Nairobi University (SONU) from 2010 till 2015. In 2013, he vied for the Westlands constituency seat but he lost to Timothy Wanyonyi. He later vied for the Member of Parliament seat of Embakasi East constituency and he bagged it. He is currently the MP elect of Embakasi East constituency and stands as one of the most influential political leaders in Kenya, especially among the youth.

Babu Owino Quotes

Some of his famous quotes include ‘comrades power,’ ‘comrades tialala’, ‘comrades riahhhh’ and ‘no matter how lazy a woman is, she cannot forget her buttocks at home.’ There is another one that states, ‘I’m proud to study at the only university not named after dead people, but SONU is dead and it did not die a natural death. It was killed by the administration thus Magoha and Mbeche must be disappointed and somebody else appointed.’

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