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Bachelor at 40? Here are the Reasons Why You're Not Married


It is not a curse, some men gift themselves this calamity. You can avoid the weird questions, family gossip and depression that comes with being single and searching at 40 years of age. But first, how do you know you are headed there?
You are the no-getter. You have no life plan. No solid future aspirations, still thinking of what you want to be when you ‘grow up’. Actually, when you will finally grow up, you will be all alone at some dusty pub wondering how your friends got themselves in happy lasting marriages. If you are earning a meager salary and you are content, then the bachelor at 40 is where you are headed.
The entitled boy. You believe you deserve a better job, a better woman, but you have done nothing to be worth your desires. You expect things to happen with absolutely no effort on your part, you are the type that says ‘I don’t chase women, they chase me’, time will prove you wrong. You have nothing to your name, probably waiting for an inheritance from your old man. Fortunately, you will soon realise the world owes you nothing. Unless you work smart, nothing comes on a silver platter.
Jealous boy. A woman cannot freely breath around you. There is always an accusation she has to deal with. You’ve probably been unfaithful in all your relationships so you are always suspecting your current partner might turn out as you did. If this is you, then all your relationships are headed down the drain.
Filthy bachelor. Smelly, unwashed dishes everywhere in your house. Dirty laundry. You stink like a ram and you don’t even pay your bills. No matter how much you’ll try to hide your flea-infested life from her, she will soon find out. Basic cleanliness is mandatory, step up your game. Or at 40, you’ll still be playing computer games solo with cans of beer littered all over your house.
The emotional adolescent. You have big issues. Women are this, women are that. You trust no one, you believe nobody. You easily break down into visible sobs and suffer from low self-esteem. No woman can take care of your fragile self. Not even a fellow man could keep up with you for a month. You need to man up, dude, or you will end up marrying yourself.

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