Courses Offered at Baringo Technical College

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List Of Courses Offered At Baringo Technical College

Baringo Technical College Courses offered. Find the list of all programmes and faculties offered at Baringo Technical College.
Looking for the list of courses offered at Baringo Technical College? Here is the list of available courses/programmes offered at Baringo Technical College that are available for intake and open for admissions.
Baringo Technical College courses available for admission.  The list of accreditated courses on offer for admission into the Baringo Technical College has been released. See the comprehensive list of all Degree, Master, Postgraduate Diploma and PhD courses offered at Baringo Technical College.
List of Faculties and Courses offered at Baringo Technical College

Baringo Technical College Courses – Diploma Courses

  1. Automotive Engineering Module 1
  2. Social work & community Development Module 1
  3. Social work & community Development Module 11
  4. Supply Chain Management Module 1
  5. Supply Chain Management Module 11
  6. Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Module 1
  7. Accountancy
  8. Civil Engineering Module 1
  9. Building Technology Module 1
  10. Petroleum Geoscience Module 1
  11. Nutrition and Dietetic Management
  12. Food And Beverage
  13. Diploma ATC Module 1

Baringo Technical College Courses – Certificate and Craft Courses

  1. Automotive engineering Module 1
  2. Mechanical Engineering Module 1
  3. Building Technology Masonry Module 1
  4. Craft in General Building Technology Module 1
  5. Craft in Plumping (TEP)
  6. Craft in Certificate in carpentry and joinery (TEP)
  7. Craft in CO-Operative Society Management (TEP)
  8. Certificate in Human Resource Management Module 1
  9. Certificate in Information Science
  10. Certificate in Entrepreneurship Education
  11. Certificate in Information Communication Technology Module 1
  12. Craft in Electrical (POWER OPTION) Module 1
  13. Electronic Engineering Telcom Module 1
  14. Fashion Design & Garment Making Module 1
  15. Business management Module 1
  16. Supply Chain Management Module 1
  17. Supply Chain Module 11 Pass in Module 1
  18. Sales and Marketing Module 1
  19. Social work and Community Development (TEP)
  20. Certificate in petroleum Geoscience Module 1
  21. General Agriculture &Horticulture
  22. Computerized Secretarial Studies
  23. Food & Beverage
  24. General Agriculture & Horticulture
  25. Nutrition & Dietetic Management

Baringo Technical College Courses – Artisan Courses

  1. Garment Making
  2. Motor Vehicle Mechanics
  3. Masonry
  4. Plumbing
  5. Electrical Wire Man
  6. Motor Vehicle Electrical
  7. Solar T.V Installation
  8. General Agriculture
  9. Computer Packages

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