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Cheap and Romantic Date Ideas


Cheap and Romantic Date Ideas.

Most of the people think that having a date is a very expensive activity nowadays, but that’s not always true! You can definitely have a special day with someone and be on your budget as well. The main idea here isn’t spending money, it is all about having great moments and making that important person happy, right? Going to the movies, restaurants and bars are not the only options. So, take a look at this cheap date ideas that will definitely help you.

  1. Sunset and wine.

What could be as beautiful and romantic as a sunset, or as delicious as a good wine? Imagine this perfect combination: You + Your date + A great place or view + Sunset + Wine = Perfect date! You only need to find a perfect place and a bottle of wine (remind that you will also need glass cups and a bottle opener) to make a great experience together.

  1. Bonfire and music under the stars.

If you play the guitar you are almost done, but if you don’t you can also sing or put some music, turn a bonfire, get some blankets and lay under a thousand stars. Are you reading a song lyrics? No, you can make this date idea come true, make it an outdoor a cappella concert with just a few bucks.

  1. Art and tea or coffee.

You can search for public and free events at parks, local galleries or museums. It might sound a little boring but an event is a perfect excuse to invite someone to hang out. This way you can get cultured on a budget and maybe get a free cup of a beverage (if not, go to a tea or coffee shop and buy it) that will make a good match to your date.

  1. Rent a limo.

It may sound expensive and you might think this is –by far- out of your budget, but no, it could be an excellent and original romantic date idea. Even if you have a car or not, make it special asking for a limo ride at any private transportation service like ShuttleWizard.com. You can pick up your date and go to a restaurant or somewhere else in a luxury vehicle.

  1. Cook together!

Date night at the kitchen? It definitely is better than it sounds and could be one of the best date ideas. There are hundreds of web recipes that you can cook together. How many times have you seen a delicious recipe in a blog post? That is the night you can make it real to your stomach. Go to the market together, buy some stuff to cook and when you arrive home, turn on the music and become the chef of the night.

  1. Movies or video games marathon.

If the weather results an obstacle to go outdoors, make a great date at home. Many people prefer spending a night watching Netflix, playing video games or tabletop games like Monopoly, Poker, Scrabble, etc. The main thing is that you need to make that moment special; lighting some candles, making a lounge with pillows and blankets and making a hot chocolate could definitely work. This plan might be better than going to the cinema and if popcorn and snacks are missing, you can bring them home too!
You just need to be creative and romantic to make a memorable date and spend an amazing time with your crush. And remember, it doesn’t need to be Valentine’s Day to make a special date.

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