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cool solution for A hot wife


“Well, it looks like another hot one” said the weather man on the TV. “No kidding, you fucking twat” she almost yelled back, sitting perspiring on the lounge in nothing but bra and panties, the aircon broken and her useless excuse for a husband sat outside on the balcony, drinking icy beers from their cooler, not phased at all and threatening to fire up the BBQ, just to add to the global warming that seemed centred over their very building. No, that wasn’t fair, he wasn’t a useless excuse at all and she loved him.
It was just his ability to go with the flow when she was in meltdown in this bloody Australian heat. Can’t beat em, join em, she decided, switching off the tele with the remote and strolling out onto the balcony, still in just her bra and panties. Fuck it, she thought, only a passer-by, four stories below armed with telescopic vision would know it was her underwear and not a bikini. And if they did, she had a bald one, so no stray hairs poking out the sides to worry about.
The thought of Superman strolling along the footpath and looking up at her with his xray vision made her giggle. “Feeling the heat love?” he asked, looking up and taking an instant interest in the clinging sheer underwear she was wearing. “Yes love” she replied with a sigh, not meaning to be bad tempered, just wishing she could get used to the heat. “Get one of these down ya” he told her, tossing lots of ice into a tall glass, slurping in a healthy dose of Gin and a token measure of Tonic Water. Getting up, he handed her the drink and walked inside. She sipped it and it was refreshing, she could feel the cold spreading through her warm body as it went down. He returned seconds later and took her hand. “Come with me” he said, leading her inside and into the bathroom. The shower was running and he took her drink and guided her into it, still in her underwear.
Oh fuck!, she thought as the cool water washed over her body, cooling her instantly, just like walking into the sea, bracing at first, but so good once the shock was over. He stood watching her revel in the relief, stripping off her underwear and tossing the sodden garments on the shower floor. “Aren’t you going to join me?” she asked quite seductively, all her bits proudly on show for him. She burst out laughing when, without hesitation, fully clothed, his glasses still on and flip flops on his feet, a can of beer in his hand, he strode into the shower. “You idiot” she laughed, curling her arms around his neck and kissing him. In short order, everything was removed, his wet clothes in a pile on top of hers as he wrapped his arm around the small of her back, pulling her to him.
Kissing hard, his hand slid over the cheek of her bottom, around her thigh and in between her legs. Standing under the cool cascade of water, she clung to him, her hips pressed against his hand as his fingers rubbed her ever hardening throbbing clit. She was breathing hard against his ear as his fingers slid further between her legs and up inside her. Oh fuck! that felt so good as he rubbed that spot just inside her. She wanted to jump up on him, ride his hard cock, feel it rubbing her insides.as it slid in and out of her. “Fuck me” she whispered into his ear, her pelvis thrusting forward, fucking his fingers, trying to drive them deep inside herself. Pulling his fingers from inside her, he pressed against her. Reaching down, she grasped his rigid cock and urgently guided it to her wet waiting opening.
Stuffing his pussy soaked fingers into her mouth, he thrust forward, the swollen head of his cock opening her up and slipping inside. She sucked hard on her own taste as he rammed the entire length of his quivering shaft deep into her aroused aching pussy. Pinned to the wall and with her mouth full of his fingers, she had nowhere to go as he slammed against her again and again, lifting her leg up off the floor to get into her deeper, desperate to cum inside the pussy squeezing his cock so tightly. “Oh yes, fuck me” she cried out as he grunted with each hard urgent thrust up inside her. “Yes!, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, Oh fuck” she yelled, starting to cum.
“Ohhhhhhh fuck” he yelled, slamming into her hard, his cock erupting, filling her with squirt after squirt of thick hot cum. “Oh shit!” he gasped, his spent cock slipping from her slippery pussy. “That makes sense eh, you cool me down just to get me all hot and bothered again” she said smiling, pulling his face down to her to kiss him..

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