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Cyprian Nyakundi Biography, Blog, Age, Family,Girlfriend, Case & Arrest


Who is Cyprian Nyakundi? you may have asked Google to define for you. I also don’t know, but here is how Cyprian Nyakundi defines or describes himself on his blog profile, ” a two-time award winning blogger and Political Commentator who has an interest in all things controversial . Recently returned to he fray over concern that News Sources are being threatened and the media has been bought.” Yeah, he’s a controversial blogger in the Kenyan blog sphere who has never shunned from  naming and shaming top politicians, celebrities and media personalities through his blog and Social media.
Nevertheless, Nyakundi has gone as far as even exposing top most private secretes in the corporate world of Kenyan companies and CEOs. Among the recent companies “exposed” include Safaricom and BIDCO EA there CEOs Bob Collymore and Vimal Shah respectfully. All those, have earned him a name and a couple of days in hands of security pesonnel and nights in police cells losing some of his valuable tools of trade.
How Cyprian Nyakundi Stared-Student suspended for using social media
It all started in 2012 while a student at the Meru University college wher it was reported on blogs and social media that he “was suspended for one year and forcefully evicted from the institution for using social media to point out the shortcomings of the institution.” At the time, the news was broken by the blogger Dennis Itumbi, who is now Director of Digital Communication in the Office of the President of the Republic of Kenya on the micro blogging site, Twitter.
Cyprian Nyakundi was summoned by the University disciplinary committee on 18th of September to answer charges of tarnishing the image of the university through social media.
According to the news by News24, Nyakundi told Itumbi that during the committee hearings he maintained that he had posted the alleged social media updates. He also pointed out to Itumbi that he had updated about the condition of life at the university. In his facebook and twitter updates he had complained about the  the condition of the road to Nchiru town and unavailability and inadequate stocking of books at the library among others.
Nyakundi was served with letters from the administration. Among them was a warning letter and the others announcing his one year suspension from the institution. All the three letters were authored by the deputy principal a Professor Gitonga N. Mburugu. The last letter even advised him to appeal the decision within fourteen days.
The decision by the administration of the university angered many Kenyans On Twitter (KOT) who went online addressing the issue under the  hashtag  #LetNyakundiTweet that kept trnding for days expressing displeasure on how Nyakundi had been treated. Kinyanjui Njonjo wrote “Stopping the education of a student for saying the truth is unfair”. Itumbi who was the first to tweet about the issue even wrote a blog post on his website and even shared the letters sent to Nyakundi.

Cyprian Nyakundi’s Blog

Cyprian Nyakundi dumped  Wordpress free  hosted  blog in early 2014 and registered a custom TLD domain cnyakundi.com  on which he updates frequently by posting “truth”.

Cyprian Nyakundi and Safaricom

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