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Download KIM December 2017 KIM Exams Results Online & Print


Download KIM December 2017 KIM Exams Results Online & Print

You can check  Kenya institute of management (KIM)  examination results online, download and print from the KIM official website link. www.kim.ac.ke/exams/.


The Kenya Institute of Management (KIM) is a membership based non-profit making professional management organization committed to the promotion of excellence and integrity in the practice of management. The Institute was established in 1954 as a premier institute that provides management consultancy and capacity building services to corporate organizations and other institutions.
Our Vision
To be a distinguished continental hub of excellence in organizational and business management practices.
Our Mission
Is to steer and champion excellence, integrity, and competitiveness in individuals and organizations throughout Africa and beyond.
Our Values

  • Excellence: To champion, promote and advocate for individual and institutional excellence in Kenya, Africa and beyond, in everything that we think, say or do.
  • Integrity: To be a pillar and beacon of good governance; to maintain the highest ethical and professional standards, honesty, truthfulness, and decorum in all our dealings with our staff, customers and the community. To champion a free, just and fair community.
  • Innovativeness: To encourage and promote an environment that nurtures individual and institutional innovativeness and creativity, the freshness of thought and the spirit of exploration and discovery.
  • Entrepreneurship: To champion and support the creation of new wealth and employment, through the spirit of entrepreneurship.
  • Collaboration: To seek and reach out to like-minded individuals and institutions for collaborative and synergistic initiatives for the universal good of humankind.
Individual membership is open to all practicing managers in both public and private sector desiring to participate in the advancement of professional management knowledge and practice. The Membership enables you to attend meetings and functions and participate in other institute activities. Members have full voting rights at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The table below shows different grades of membership and their entry requirements:

Membership Category Eligibility Entrance & Subscription Fees (KShs.)
Fellows The grade of Fellow is the highest grade in KIM membership and is awarded to members whose work and individual efforts have contributed immensely to the promotion of excellence and integrity in the practice of management in Kenya and beyond. In addition, the member must have contributed to the growth and development of the Institute. The grade is awarded on invitation by the Council. Annual Subscription 10,000
Full Member The grade of Full Member is awarded to persons holding executive management positions and have contributed towards the advement of theory and practice of management as demonstrated by qualification, experience, and size of the organization they lead. In addition, the person must show evidence of continuous proffessional develpment. Entrance fee: 2,000
Annual Subscription : 6,000
TOTAL: 8,000
Associate Member The grade of Associate member is awarded to persons who are actively engaged in industry, commerce or public organisations and have demonstrated clarity in understanding management practice. In addition, applicants must show evidence of continuous professional development. Entrance fee: 2,000
Annual Subscription : 4,000
TOTAL: 6,000
Student Member The grade is open to students in universities, polytechnics and other middle-level institutions recognized by KIM are interested in KIM membership Entrance fee/Annual Subscription: 3,000


  1. Exclusive access to KIM Resource Center countrywide.
  2. Exclusive Access to KIM online resources and services: e-journals , business websites and online databases
  3. Free access to the KIM Membership Directory
  4. Free Mailing of the Management Journal- East Africa premier magazine on management and leadership.
  5. Opportunity to advertise in the KIM management journal at discount rates.
  6. Opportunity to attend open lecture and conferences on management issues
  7. Effective Continous Professional Development programmes that leverage the latest technology
  8. Discounts on KIM wide range of trainings, Conferences and Seminars
  9. Access to KIM Management Research and Consultancy Services
  10. Placement of CV’s in our Executive selection database
  11. Participation in KIM Manager’s Golf Tournament
  12. Quarterly luncheons and dinners for networking
  13. Discounts on products and services provided by leading companies
  14. Reciprocal agreements with other member-based organizations to provided discounts and credit on courses
  15. Participation in KIM members’ Day- an annual event showcasing KIM’s programs and activities.

How to apply
To become an individual member, select the appropriate membership grade applicable to you. The membership committee meets once every month to evaluate applications. The outcome of your application will be communicated to you officially within the month it is received. In the event that you are elected to a lower grade than that paid for, the excess amount will be carried forward to the following year’s subscription payment.
Click here to Apply Online
Individual Application Form
Membership Upgrade
Based on involvement in the institute activities and contributions to the practice of management, members are eligible to apply for membership upgrade by filling the membership upgrade from available on the KIM website.
Membership Upgrade Form
Click here to Upgrade Online

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