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Dr Richard Leakey Inspires Students at Hillcrest Secondary School


Dr Richard Leakey Inspires Students & Opens Hillcrest Secondary SchoolSixth Form Centre

‘Put your imagination and intelligence to good use to find extraordinary solutions for our world’s problems’ was the key message given by well know conservationist Dr Richard Leakey in a wide ranging and highly inspiring talk to students and the broader community of Hillcrest Secondary School in Nairobi on Thursday.  Dr Leakey visited the school to officially open the school’s new, state-of-the-art Sixth Form Centre and launch an educational enrichment programme being rolled out across the school.

Talking about his broad professional experiences ranging from palaeontology to politics and conservation, Leakey reminded students that Africa is where development and change is happening at the fastest pace and where opportunities abound for real change-making solutions.  

The synergy between Dr Leakey’s talk with Hillcrest International Schools’ Enrichment Programme was unequivocal.  Building on Hillcrest’s philosophy of inspiring, encouraging and empowering students, the enrichment programme is designed to help them develop knowledge, skills and tools to stand out and succeed in an increasingly challenging world. 

Hillcrest’s newly completed Sixth Form Centre will house the schools A level programme as well as the BTec programmes that will be introduced from September to compliment the A Level offering. The centre is designed to encourage students to expand their learning in many ways, through independent work, small group collaboration as well as teacher led learning. 

With over 50 years’ experience in education in Kenya, Hillcrest International Schools is a leading school in East Africa – offering a British Curriculum education for children aged 18 months to 18 years.  The schools’ vision is for every child to achieve personal excellence as a valuable member of the global community.  The new Sixth Form Centre and the Enrichment Programme are just two of many ways in which Hillcrest sets out to support students to achieve their personal best. 

Source: Hillcrest.ac.ke

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