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Edgar Obare BNN Biography, Story, YouTube, Instagram, Education, Insta Stories, Girlfriend,Wacera & Age


Edgar Obare is a Kenyan controversial investigative content creator on YouTube, Instagram and sometimes on twitter.

Edgar Obare BNN

BNN stands for Bandana News Network. It is Edgar’s slogan and signature look for his channel since he always has a bandana tied neatly around his head whenever he is doing a video on YouTube.
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Edgar Obare Instagram

His Instagram account currently sits at 39.2k followers. Her Instagram is mostly a showcase of her personal travel destinations. He is well travelled and he has been to countries such as Italy, Netherlands and Switzerland. He haa been to multiple cities in those countries. If you take a keen look, you will realize that his passion for documenting his travel was what spearheaded his current career. Back then, he used to make short videos and he would post them on his Instagram. He reevaluated his content and he now does investigative content which, on Instagram, the tea is usually spilt on his Insta stories.

Edgar Obare BNN Biography
Edgar Obare BNN Biography

Edgar Obare Wacera

Wacera Mirage is Edgar Obare’s recent ex- girlfriend. In a YouTube video they did together, they get to let us in on how they met. Apparently, they met in the diaspora and at first sight, Wacera had a crush on him. She first thought to herself that he is probably younger than her but shock on her when she found out otherwise. They kicked it off almost immediately and gave us a glimpse into their lives on YouTube. Wacera claims that he is/was her soulmate. Since not everything is meant to last, they broke up almost 2 years ago. Wacera is a constructing Architect based in Horsens, Denmark. She also has her own YouTube Channel.

Edgar Obare age

Edgar recently announced on his Instagram that he was turning 28 years old. If you do the math, you realize that his birthday is somewhere in the last quarter of 1991.

Edgar Obare YouTube

If there is anything that has put Edgar Obare on the spotlight, then it has to be his YouTube channel. Standing at a whooping 60.5k subscribers and 207 videos, his channel showcases controversies that many journalists would shy from. He does stories on cheating by celebrities such as the nasty break up between couple goals Natalie Tewa and her Ugandan ex boyfriend Rnaze, the love triangle between Terrence Creative, his wife Milly Chebby and a young girl known as Anita Soina. He also covers factual stores that affect the society such as unemployment among the Kenyan youth, aflatoxin in flour and even moral stories such as sex trafficking. His channel has gained a lot of mature viewers with people always wanting to know what he is revealing next. He is commonly known as ‘the tea master’ where he gets to serve his viewers ‘tea’ in the form of content. His YouTube channel gets over 1 million views every month.

Edgar Obare Trending

Over the past few weeks, he has been trending on twitter. This is mainly due to his controversial content with tweeps having a love- hate relationship for what he does. Some people claim that it is wrong for him to air other people’s dirty laundry in public but in his defence, no one forces a social media user to share personal content, so in the case that it becomes news, you are probably the problem because social media never forgets. He has been able to do advertising for online brands via his platform.

Edgar Obare Biography

One thing that most people don’t know is that the 28 year old controversial content creator is one learned man. After completing his undergraduate course at Unites States International University (USIU) Africa, he went to Europe where he pursued a Masters in Computer science. During this time, he started blogging but it was not until when he got done with university that he decided to come back to Kenya and do what he currently does that he got serious with his passion for content creation.

Edgar Obare Twitter

Tweeps cannot seem to keep calm when it comes to Edgar. There are some who love him and some who even go to the extent of suing him for what he does. However, he has stayed unshaken and has been forced to find himself a lawyer because he needs to protect himself while covering all these stories.

Interview by Kenyans

Unknown to many, Obare is a technology guru and holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science.

“I did my undergraduate in Information Systems and Technology at USIU [United States International University-Africa] before going to Italy where I did my Masters in Computer Science,” he disclosed.

After graduation in 2019, a leg injury left Obare struggling to get around despite his desire to apply for various opportunities and go for job interviews.

“I broke my leg in a skiing accident,” he intimated, revealing that he started making videos while recuperating at home.

Obare experimented with various content types and formats including reactions and story vlogs but eventually realised his audience gravitated towards investigative gossip videos.
Although he still creates different types of videos, Obare’s BNN segment which focuses on breaking down celebrity gossip stories complete with exclusive screenshots and audio notes has proved the most popular.
Responding to critics who claim that he offers people a platform to lie about others, Obare emphasised his independence, objectivity and insistence on evidence being provided for tip-offs.

“It is easy to lie about someone but you have to go to great lengths to make up proof.
“My followers know me, I ask for evidence and they know I can turn against them if they lie. And I also know who they are,” he explained, noting he did not simply post tip-offs from random faceless accounts.

His exposés which delve into the personal lives of high-profile Kenyan celebrities have seen Obare threatened and harassed online.

“Of course I’ve received threatening messages online and sometimes people warn me that some people are planning something, but no one has pulled up on me,” he confirmed.

Obare noted that he took such threats seriously and always tried to be cautious and mindful of legal obligations.
With his platform growing fast, the vlogger confirmed that he planned on expanding the operation to keep producing quality content.

“The next step is to start a company, hire people and put proper structures in place. I’ll continue to tell Kenyan stories,” he asserted.


Edgar Obare Video – Interview on Switch TV

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