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Ghetto Radio Presenter Bonoko Acquires A Brand New Subaru For Valentine (photos)


The Story of Ghetto Radio’s Bonoko

This is a real Ghetto story about a young man who used to live in the streets of Nairobi. James Kang’ethe ‘Tete’ Kimani or better known to you as ‘Bonoko’ who has now become a kind of a cult figure in the Kenyan society.
‘Bonoko Deh’ as he is popularly known by his Ghetto Radio fans is now a celebrated radio presenter along Mbusii deh. He owes all his success to Mbusii, whom unlike every other music personality, chose to give him credit.
Where was he born?
Bonoko was born on the streets. As a baby he slept with his mother under the verandas, as an independent street kid he preferred other places, like the gutter under the highways.
What changed?
The government started to pick kids up from the streets in 2011 and send them to special schools to be reformed. After being caught Bonoko ran away twice, once walking for a week from Kakamega in Western Kenya to Nakuru, on his way back to Nairobi.
“The watchmen at these schools beat us too much”, he complains. He ended up completing only two years of primary school education.
What did he do when he was back in Nairobi?
Back in Nairobi Bonoko made Ngara his home and place of work. Kipande became his close friend, a young butcher who sold mutura, a traditional Kikuyu sausage, on the streets. “Me and my street friends gave him our pennies for safekeeping, and he gave us leftover meat. He was a good man”.
What kind of challenges did he face in the streets?
His big rival on the streets was Kisi wa Central, a nickname for a cop who exhorted money from people in the neighbourhood. “That cop had already killed some kids. One day a rich man hit me with his car. He wanted to take me to hospital and gave me money as compensation. Kisi wa Central took it and told the rich man to get lost”.

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