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Here is the Man Behind Huddah Monroe’s Lavish lifestyle


He calls himself the “Self Made Self Paid Millionaire” on social media, and yes, he looks like he lives the real millionaire lifestyle.
It is not clear yet if Apocalypse Bella, the man behind socialite Huddah Monroe’s lavish lifestyle, is actually a Congolese or a Ugandan.
But one thing is clear, he is a baller, living life on the fast lane!
Other than being in Dubai,
the US and South Africa living large, he spends a lot of time in Kampala, Uganda and DR Congo’s capital Kinshasa.
In fact, before heading to the US recently, he spent quite some quality time with Huddah two weeks ago in Entebbe, Uganda, cruising on Lake Victoria and spending lots of cash in expensive nightclubs and hotels.
Looking at his Instagram pages, Apocalypse is very close to Congolese musicians, especially Werrason, whom he has taken pictures with several times.
So when word went round that he was with Huddah, they had posted pictured on Instagram together and were forced to pull them down immediately.
Apocalypse, however, forgot to pull one more photo down. They are pictured together in club. – NAIROBI NEWS

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