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Huddah Monroe Shows off Her B()()bs see photos


The former BBA representative, Huddah Monroe,  was recently photographed in a club wearing a not so flattering dress. The singer, on Instagram,  put her boobs and nipples on display in a white dress that left nothing to the imagination. Now am not sure if it was deliberately done but knowing Huddah anything is possible with the following caption:
We don’t always get to decide what happens to us or around us but one thing is for sure we always get to decide how it affects us. Today take control of your life by making the decision to live and walk in your purpose and peace. Make the decision not to allow what others think or say disturb your peace today. Take your power back, for ONLY You yourself get to decide how your day or week will be by the decisions you make; the thoughts you think and the words you speak. Your thoughts, your words, and your deeds = YOUR OUTCOME!

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