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Hussein Machozi Wed a Kenyan Beauty for Citizenship

Bongo singer, Hussein Machozi, famed for his single Kwa Ajili Yako  confessed to a Tanzanian paper that he wed a Kenyan girl to get citizenship. The controversial singer told the  Global Publishers that he wed Mombasa beauty Shuena Yunus Omar to stay longer in the country after which he left her.
In the interview he said,

I know that she loved me 100 per cent but I had to leave her and come back home. I had other plans. What has happened doesn’t scare me because I have neither done anything wrong nor left her with a child to suffer.”

The crooner, who is known for belting out love songs, told the paper he did not understand why people are still stuck on the fact that he had a “wife” he no longer lives with. He says he has moved on and hopes people would too.

Yes, it is true, that I had a wife in Mombasa. But the circumstances for my marrying her were solely because of the hardships of living in Kenya. You know how it is like to live in a foreign country, one has to be sly, failure to which you will caught and deported.”

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