KASNEB Courses Offered In Kenya and KASNEB Courses Requirements

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List of KASNEB Courses Offered in Kenya and KASNEB Courses Requirements. You can download KASNEB fee structure for  Professional Courses short courses and diploma courses with examination timetable for CPA, CS, CICT, CCP, CIFA, CAMS, ADT, DICT and DCM exams. Also, download  KASNEB revision papers and notes for free from our resources page.

KASNEB Professional Courses

  1. Certified Public Accountants (CPA)
  2. Certified Secretaries (CS)
  3. Certified Information Communication Technologists (CICT)
  4. Certified Credit Professionals (CCP)
  5. Certified Investment and Financial Analysts (CIFA)
  6. Certificate in Accounting and Management Skills (CAMS)

KASNEB  Diploma Courses

  1. Accounting Technicians Diploma (ATD)
  2. Diploma in Information Communication Technology (DICT)
  3. Diploma in Credit Management (DCM)

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