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Kcb 2jiajiri Application Form 2018


Applications are invited from qualified candidates for the 2jiajiri Kcb programme Fill out the application form as clearly and as completely as possible. Only complete applications will be considered and admission into the programme is based on a competitive selection process.
During the interview, candidates will be expected to come with completed application forms with passport size photo attached together with copies of National Identity card and certificate of their highest academic qualification. The candidates will also be expected to present originals of the above documents. Failure to produce these documents will lead to automatic disqualification.
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General Information on Kcb 2jiajiri Programme

2jiajiri is an enterprise development and wealth creation programme of the KCB Foundation. The objective of the programme is to create and support new and existing enterprises in the informal sector through vocational training, business development services and market linkages. The intention of the programme is that the increasing expansion and formalisation of enterprises will create employment opportunities. The programme focuses on the following sectors:

  1. Agribusiness
  2. Automotive Engineering
  3. Beauty and Personal Care
  4. Building and Construction
  5. Domestic Services

Scholarship Selection Criteria

Eligibility: To qualify for 2Jiajiri scholarships all applicants must fulfill the criteria below:

  1.  Have a National Identity Card
  2. Possess the ability to read and write
  3. Commit to attend all training sessions in participating technical training institutions in their county of residence
  4. Contribute Ksh 2,000 towards the school fees. This is payable to the training institution upon receiving official  communication from KCB Foundation on award of the scholarship
  5. Must fulfill the criteria and be within one of the three categories( Business Owner, Apprentice or Skiller)

Applicants will be given equal opportunity and shall not be discriminated on the basis of disability, gender, regional, religious and ethnic background.
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