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KDF Recruitment 2019-2020 Dates and Centres – Kenya Defence forces


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KDF has advertised the recruitment dates for 2018. We shall update you on 2018 KDF Recruitment List of KDF Shortlisted General Service Officer (GSO) Cadets and Specialist Officers after the Advertisement for Recruitment of General Recruits, Constabularies and Tradesmen/Women into The Kenya Defence Forces 2018 Recruitment Dates and Centres.

2020 Advertisement for Recruitment of Service Members, Constabularies and Tradesmen/women into the Kenya Defence Forces – KDF Recruitment

Below are usually the requirements for KDF Recruitment.

1. The Kenya Defence always announce to the general public when there will be a recruitment of servicemen/women, constabularies, and tradesmen/women through its official website and media. The advertisement includes the dates for the recruitment to take place and various centres countrywide for the exercise.

Prospective candidates wishing to join Kenya Defence Forces must satisfy the conditions and requirements given below.

2. Corruption.
Bribery and other acts of corruption are against the law.
All persons presenting themselves for recruitment purposes at any centre with fake/ falsified calling letters, identity cards, academic certificates etc. or caught engaging in any corrupt activity shall be arrested and prosecuted.
If you accept to be conned, you will lose your money and go to jail; it happened to many during the last recruitment.
Do not waste your money and risk imprisonment; No one can influence the recruitment process.
Report any suspicious activities/conmen to the nearest police station or a military camp. KDF recruitment is absolutely free to all.
3. Citizens are further notified that recruitment is only conducted at the advertised recruitment centres countrywide during daytime before 1800 hours (6pm) on weekdays. Successful candidates will be issued with calling letters at the recruitment centres by the recruiting officers.
Any person purporting to recruit or issue an alleged calling letter away from a recruitment centre will be doing so fraudulently.
4. Recruitment of General Recruits and Constabularies
a. The KDF Recruiting Teams consisting of Kenya Army, Kenya Air Force, Kenya Navy and Defence Forces Constabulary will be visiting the recruiting centres as indicated below to recruit Servicemen/ Women, Defence Forces Constabularies on dates indicated.
b. All potential candidates reporting to the recruitment centres should come from the sub counties/ divisions of their respective counties and districts.
They should also bring with them current original national identity card and academic certificates/ testimonials.
ID photocopies/ scanned and police abstract will not be accepted.
The recruitment exercise will be absolutely Free.

C. Conditions for Servicemen/women

(1) Must be Kenyan citizens.
(2) Age: Between 18 and 26 years old.
(3) Be physically and mentally fit in accordance with the KDF standards.
(4) Have no criminal record.
(5) Minimum Height:
(a) Men 1.60m (5ft 3in).
(b) Women 1.52m (5ft)
(6) Minimum weight:
(a) Men: 54.55 Kg (120 lb).
(b) Women: 50.00 Kg (110 lb).
7. Female candidates must Not be pregnant at recruitment and during training.
8. Education: A minimum of mean grade D (plain) in KCSE for the general recruits.
Tradesmen / Women
a. Prospective candidates wishing to apply must satisfy the conditions and requirements given below.
(1) Must be Kenyan citizens.
(2) Age: Between 18 and 26 years old.
(3) Be physically and mentally fit in accordance with the KDF standards.
(4) Have no criminal record.
(5) Minimum Height:
(a) Men 1.60m (5ft 3in).
(b) Women 1.52m (5ft)
(6) Minimum weight:
(c) Men: 54.55 Kg (120 lb).
(d) Women: 50.00 Kg (110 lb).
(7) Female candidates must Not be pregnant at recruitment and during training.
(1) Education – Qualifications & Requirements:
(a) Technicians:
A minimum of mean grade C (plain) in KCSE, a relevant Diploma or above from a recognized Institution and be a registered with the relevant statutory bodies, where applicable,
(b) Catechist:
Must have a minimum of C – (minus) in KCSE, a Diploma in Catechetical studies from a recognized catechetical college/ institute and should not be beyond 35 years of age.
(c) Artisans:
A minimum of mean grade D + (plus) in KCSE and either a relevant certificate with Government Trade Test Grade II or Craft II from a recognized Institution.


  1. Am so interested to join this military but I’ve one problem that…that in my education level will not allow me, i join my high school up to form three and fail to complete due to luck of fee advice pliz.
    100% i can fit this all. Kindly advice thank you.

  2. I did My KCSE 2012 where I managed C. plain but the time I go for recruitment only 4 people are selected of which I guess there’s fraud . As am totally tired of it can it this time be fair to very marginalized families who can’t afford even a cup of water during the day of recruitment like me?

  3. 2018 will be my fourth time to try this getting into KDF bt l love this job…hope God will have mercy on me…God bless KDF

  4. I did my kcse last year and have dreamt of joining kdf because of my love towards it my almighty God help me to be selected long live kdf

  5. my pleasure is to join the KDF forces.and for me I believe one day I’ll be able to work with my other men’s and women of the Kenya defence forces.2018 it will be now my fourth time but I ll give up because I love career and its my dream job.thanks and God bless every soldier and all people at large

  6. am 22 yrs intrested to join kdf department,and i have all required documents,also being treined paramilitary treining in National Youth Sarvice.now on my seccond pillar and wishing to join KDF kindly give me the way forwad.Thenk you.

    • Kdf is all i wish in m’y life av all the qualifications needed but i dont the exact dates for recruitment…..help me please

  7. I did my KCSE on 2016,and I managed to get D- due to some fee problem,actually I real like to become a KDF millitant for us to staplised sécurité, peace and love in our country Kenya.my payer si to become à KDF, so help me For.

  8. hello
    I love the job with passion,my dream is to join the kdf team, have tried several times but beard no fruits,I did my kcse 2013 and managed to get a D (plain) am now 24yrs old only 2yrs remaining where my dream will be off, I come from a poor family,kindly give me way foward because when I’ll go for the coming recruitment still I’ll not manage, am 6ft height, weight 70kgs, I dnt know the problem.Regards kdf Kenya, one nation

  9. Am good at allacademically and physically fit but my problem is that i love this job and hav tried it fir the last 5yrs sijafaulu.nw am 28yrs could i get achance this tym round au la help m.

  10. i did my KCSE in 2015 and managed to get a D(plain)..to join KDF is my long time prayer since High School.
    please consider my request and be my destiny connector and let my dream came true.thank you

  11. iam rotich qualify in all aspect as KDF but they disqulified me last year iam 21years old with a grade of B in my o-level physically fit aki someone help me to join this year am from trans-nzoia county.

  12. my brother completed form four last year…managed a D plain and he really want to be a KDF or even a Kenya army so I may inform him hopping he will qualify….

  13. am 36 yrs,but very much interested to serve my dear country in this military being having D+ could possible for me please contact me.

  14. God does everything with a reason do not afflict your unsuccessful ,God will give what it belong to u, whoever works faithfully God rewards him or her,officers be faith full,God will bless you so much.

  15. what am in a college diploma level not yet to finish…will I join kdf there after I continue with my studies later after the training?

  16. my most fantastic job id kdf since iwas young iha
    ve loved so much ihave tried threes this hope this year God will bless me to join .God bless kdf

  17. i am interest i had mean grade of D+ last year and i am good in athletic but i don’t have certificate of good conduct and birth certificate only can i qualifie?

  18. l got a D
    plain but l luv and admire this job so much,is education going to Cork the Gan,l think no,work is about commitment,

  19. Am 21 years did k.c.s.e 2017 and managed a C- .I wish to join kdf.my prayer is to one of them this year,lemkou wilfred w.pokot county

  20. I av tried 2 tyms to joined kdf bt failed,or is it bcoz. I a.m apoor man by nature, everything I av surrender to our god to help me n people like me.

  21. hello.. i was kindly asking , can a spelling error in the id, that is the sublocation name cost someone who is intersted to join the kdf during recruitment??

  22. I finished highschool in 2011 and scored a C+,I have tried going for recruitments ever since 2012 but they say they don’t want women …am physically and mentally fit and I usually reach every level in the recruitment process however I was not lucky to go to college due to financial constraints ..please advice …I love serving my nation in any way possible

  23. Am cable of joining army am physically a cadet only that I failed 2016 I had a D- almighty be on mah side hope MA dreams wud be fulfilled soon thnkx

  24. Hey I do love kdf that much…had a c+ in my kcse back in 2016,I would like to join kdf then direct to seminary for priesthood. Help me to achieve, I believed in you

  25. salute all our kdf soldiers,im 28 yrs,I did mi kcse in 2008 ad got d+,iv 6yrs experience in driving bce classes of vehicles with grade3 of suitability test for drivers.iv passion in job sicce childhood.pliz help mi.GOD bless all kdf.(0710617951)

  26. Am Flora were from a humble background and i would like to join Kenya defence force 2018, I have tried several times bt I believe God’s time is the best, because after all the rectretment day the commander says you are still young know am 25years old almost 26 what will i do,just jobless and patient. Hope my request would be accepted thanks in advance and may God bless all our military force

  27. I’m kaula Peter nd since ma childhood nimekuwa nikitamani this job and nimemaliza high school 2017 with a grade of B-,,,,and have already applied for university degree…. Can I get the job still

  28. I loving the job and it has been my answer to ‘when you grow up what would you like to be? I now pray that things should not go to the east of my direction next week.

  29. am beth wanjiku and am interested in joining kdf where i will fight for my country Kenya …i would like you to give that chance please n God will bless you…God bless Kenya
    i did my kcse 2015 where i got a D- i didn’t go anywhere…plese help ….Thank you

  30. willing to join kdf cadet at any cost i have a diploma in business information technology……….i love am willing to serve tumalize al shabab

  31. I quite in trying and I promise not to try again. the job has wasted me a lot of time as it being done yearly and as well am getting old year and year.


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