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Kimthi Elias

Please here are my grades,CHEM C+,BIO D, ENG C-,KISWA C-,MATH C,HIST B-,CRE C,B/ST C,,,,, help me secure a diploma course in kmtc.

Kimthi Elias

Here are my 2016 results CHEM C,BIO C,MATH D,B/ST C+, CRE B-,ENG D, KISW D, help me secure a diploma course in kmtc

Humphrey Odera

Hi i wuold like to join a specific kmtc and do medical laboratory how can i do?

Hi Management..I meet the requirements to do diploma in Medical Laboratory Science but, the problem lies in fee.
This has been my dream course but raising fee has become a big probe since we are peasant .
Could you kindly assist me on how I can overcome this to a church my dream.Thank you