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Size Doesn't Matter, Says Former Presidential Aspirant Kingwa Kamencu


Kingwa Kamencu, the former female  Presidential is not new to controversy. Kamencu has sparked social media again. In 2012, the former Presidential hopeful Kingwa Kamencu took a controversial move when she  started a movement dubbed , ‘An Underwear Free Africa’.

Early this year Kamencu, was allegedly accused of advertising  herself on social media on conspiracy to Sell Sex On Valentine’s Night at a cost of 5M. Here is what she posted:

“The lucky men of Kenya once again benefit from my presence in the country. This Valentines Day, i am giving a one-off special offer of a round in bed with me, for the discounted price of Ksh 5million…” – Read Kamencu’s post.

This time here is her advice to those men with shorter  ‘private entities’

“Size is just an aspect of the enjoyment…Lesser endowed men do not need to be intimidated or afraid. They can achieve the same results and general ecstasy of the woman by softly biting on her neck, scratching her lower back or touching her at the same time…Just do the job” .

Kingwa Kamencu, rose to the limelight in the political arena notable for her declaration to run for the presidency in the 2013 Kenyan Presidential election. In March 2012 she created a buzz on the Kenyan political scene, becoming the youngest lady to declare her candidacy for Kenya’s presidency. She was, however, not among those who eventually submitted her papers to contest

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