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KMTC Certificate Courses and Fee Structure


Apply for KMTC Certificate Courses. You can download KMTC certificate courses advertisement with the KMTC  fee structure for May and September Intake. You will find KMTC courses and requirements and KMTC  intake qualifications.

KMTC Certificate Courses Qualifications

Certificate courses take two years with the exception of nursing which takes two and a half years. A minimum aggregate of C- with a relevant combination of other subjects is a requirement.

List of KMTC Certificate Courses and Fee Structure

  1. Certificate in Environmental Health Sciences
  2. Certificate in Health Records and Information
  3. Certificate in Medical Engineering
  4. Certificate in Nursing
  5. Certificate in Orthopedic Technology
  6. Certificate in Community Nutrition

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Susan Ndirangu

I would like to do a certificate in nursing