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KUCCPS First Revision of Degree and Diploma Choices for the 2018/2019 Placement & Cluster Points


The Board of the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service held its 28th meeting on 17th January, 2018 to discuss the 2018/2019 placement of Government-sponsored students to Universities and Colleges.
After considering the analysis of the 2017 KCSE Examination Results together with the maximum available capacities in Kenyan Universities and Colleges, the Board resolved that:
All 2017 KCSE candidates who scored a minimum aggregate grade of C+ of 46 points shall be eligible for placement to both public and private universities to pursue degree courses under Government sponsorship.
All candidates who scored a minimum mean grade of C – of 32 points shall be eligible for placement to pursue diploma courses offered in tertiary institutions.
All candidates who scored a mean grade of D of 18 points and above shall be eligible for placement to craft certificate courses offered in tertiary institutions.
Towards this end, the Placement Service will open its online application system for applicants to revise their choices on Wednesday, January 24, 2018 at 00.00 hours and close on February 14, 2018 at 24.00 hours.
Those who did not submit their applications through their schools may use this opportunity to apply for degree, diploma or certificate courses of their choice as Government supported students.
The application procedure and other relevant guiding information may be accessed through the Placement Service website www.kuccps.ac.ke.
Candidates who sat for their KCSE examination earlier than 2017 are only eligible for placement to Diploma and Certificate courses.
The Board further noted that in addition to the placement to degree, diploma and certificate courses mentioned in 1, 2 and 3, above, there are several opportunities in the technical training and vocational training centres that could absorb those who scored D-  to train in Artisan courses and those who scored E to train in the National Vocational Certificates Courses.
There are therefore enough opportunities for all our youth who completed their KCSE examination in 2017, regardless of their results.
John M. Muraguri
Chief Executive Officer

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I did my KCSE 2015 and scored a B -minus can I also apply for government sponsorship


I did my kcse 2017 and scored D+ can government sponsor me because my family is background and they can’t afford my studies

kipkoech aron

my aggregate points are 63 with a cluster of 37.2 and i wish to pursue mechatronic engineering at Dedan kimathi.I did last year

Millicent Achieng

Kipkoech,please help me calculate my cluster points,i dont know how to do it,i did kcse last year and got B- of 59 points,please help me

Kipkirui Langat Eliezer

I got grade C- as mean grade and D- in maths and sciences. Kishwahili c+ English c agriculture B- history and government. What course suits me


hi I would like to know my weighted points,,I sat my exams last year and had an aggregate of 53points


If you log in for the first time using your birth cetificate number as password and you told “incorrect log in details” what should you do? I wonder why they don’t give a full page of the site so that you can check whether you can reset password or something like forgot password. It’s just so blank that even the sign in option is not there…I had to use my computer’s “Enter key” …and now am stuck on what to do next…because for sure the page just has “Index number, Year of exams and Password” blocks..not even the sign in block…please let me know how you guys managed this. Pardon my tone thou

kiprotij cornelius

i did score D Plain last year and i would like to persue certificate in electrical eng. can i make it?

Tonny Ouma

I did my kcse in 2017 and scored a mean grade of C plain,i hope to study course in electrical engineering and my parent in not capable to support this because she if financialy unstable, can i get sponsorship from the government?

ken ruto

am ken ruto from Nakuru county and I would like to join the hand of kdf this year 2018

kibii k simion

I did my k.c s.e 2017 and scored a mean grade of c- and i would wish to study mechatronical engineering at ahmed shahame mwidani,,please i need ur assistance in application,