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Ladies, Here Are 6 Things You Should Never Wait For A Man to Do For You


A man that is in love with you or admires you will always go an extra mile to prove this to you. In fact, one of the ways to show that a man cares about you is when he invests in your future, cater to some of your needs and spoil you silly with gifts and treats. However, it is common sense that you don’t wait around for a man to answer to your every need. Apart from the fact that it makes you look cheap and “thirsty”, it chases good men from you. So, it is advisable that you don’t expect a man to carry every of your burden.
Here are six things you can do for yourself:
1. Take Yourself Out: don’t be like those girls that wait for men to buy them the sharwama or pizza or fancy dish they are craving, take yourself out. You come off as ratchet and hungry when you can’t even afford to buy yourself a good meal. So, take out cash from your purse, dress up and go out. You can take your friends along with you so you can have a really wonderful time.
2. Give Yourself A Nice And Expensive Treat: you don’t need to wait for a man to take you to a spa or a massage parlour or beauty shop, do those things yourself. It doesn’t matter how much dent the money will cause to your purse afterwards, if you like going on a vacation, go on a vacation. You don’t need to have a man in your life to visit places or get your nails done, give yourself a nice and expensive treat, by yourself.
3. Buy Gifts For Yourself: girl, if you need those shoes, buy them and whatever things you want. Change your whole wardrobe if you want. Don’t wait for a man before you get new clothes or make-up or shoes or whatever it is you need. If you want a new phone, buy it. It is a good attitude to spoil yourself with gifts by yourself; you often feel good afterwards.
4. Buy Your Own Airtime: some Kenyan girls feel it is a guy’s responsibility to recharge their phones especially once the guy starts showing interest in them. Filling the guy’s phone with “Please Call Me”   and “Aki nisambazie credo…I need to call my mum”.If you’re one of those people, please stop it. You don’t need a man to buy you airtime. Take money from your purse and buy the recharge card you need for whatever purpose you need it. Don’t expect a man to buy you recharge card to make calls, to buy data, to subscribe or for whatever. Do it yourself.
5. Compliment Yourself: before a man tells you you’re beautiful, make sure you have told yourself this a million and one times. Always tell yourself good things about yourself. You don’t need to wait for a man to tell you how good you look, how intelligent you are, how smart you speak; always make sure you tell yourself nice things. No better way to up your self-esteem than this.
6. Be Your Happy Pill: waiting around all the time to find someone who will make you happy is like waiting around to catch a ghost at noon. Nobody can make you happy except you. So do everything that makes you happy. Don’t wait for a man to make you happy, you will only be disappointed more than half of the time.
Doing these things and more for yourself will boost your confidence and esteem. It portrays you as a woman who doesn’t need a man to validate her existence or fulfill her every desire. A woman should be able to do at least 80% of so many things for herself. So, get off your ass, work hard and do things for yourself without waiting for any man to come your way before you can get them. There’s nothing more attractive than an independent woman who’s not looking to “chop” a man’s money but to make him a better man than he was.

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