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Laura Oyier In Trouble Again For Failing to Settle 50K Bill In Mombasa Hotel


Laura oyier the overnight celebrity who became famous for having accumulated a bill of 230k at intercontinental hotel when she knew very well she couldn’t be able to settle it is in hot water again.
Laura Oyier Ogolla is reportedly  alleged to have checked in a luxurious hotel in Mombasa in company of a man of Nigerian origin on Friday. Laura was to spent the weekend with the boyfriend at the coast but the unexpected happened, she was involved in a furious argument with the guy who later disappeared in thin air late night with 50k unpaid bill. The information was revealed by one of the attendants who  pledged anonymity.
The Up-coming singer, Laura Oyier,  has been the talk of town after word got out that she had been arrested after failing to pay a Ksh 230,000 bill incurred during her stay at Inter-continental hotel on Valentines Eve.
She was arrested on Saturday morning after the management confirmed that she could not the pending 50k bill uncured that night which was to be paid in the morning in cash.
Laura was rescued by Mombasa based business mogul who spotted her on arrival at the police station where he had gone to do some errands. He promised to settle the bill and later in the evening she was drove off in range rover sport to undisclosed location.
In May this year, the Luo diva, launched the Ksh.800-a-bottle water deal  a partnership between the beauty-turned-entrepreneur and water manufacturer Aquamist.
Those who were in support of drinking Laura Oyier’s water, dubbed ‘It’s My Water’, will never thirst again. At Ksh 800, the 1.5litre bottle of water was rated  among  the most expensive bottled water in the world.

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