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When You have to Let it Go…that's Life


One of the hardest choices we face in life is letting go. Letting go of a habit, a loved one, a job, material possessions or a lover. You walk away but keep looking back, hoping a once beautiful past will come searching, and you could relive the moments all over again.
It doesn’t happen. So you are shattered, broken beyond repair. You brood, you cry. You resent yourself and every other person who played a role in your misery. You gradually drain yourself of all sanity. Especially if it is a botched relationship, you walk around cursing every other man who gambles his chance with you, and officially declare they are all beasts that should have been left to roam solo in the wild.
I feel you. I have been there, several times. You know, every time a relationship failed, I would keep going back. I convinced myself that that particular guy was all I wanted, all I had to live for. I crushed my soul, bruised my ego and self-esteem. I was doing perfect self destruction. What was left of me was a walking body, with a dead spirit.
Letting go is not as easy as it is to say. But you have to. There is no particular formula of how to let go, no one can really take you through the struggle successfully but yourself. You have to want it, you have to long for it. You have to be so tired of crying and fighting and hating to finally let go. You have to be drained of all negative energy for the positive to settle in. Good news is you can decide when to begin your journey of letting go, and letting God take control.
It is possible to walk away, forgive and forget. Okay, the forget part is a bit complicated but once you successfully finish the struggle, memories of the past will inflict insignificant pain. They will be like a passing breeze that float ever so quietly once in a while in your mind.
To discover your full potential, to be one with your destiny, you have to let go. You cannot chain yourself with thoughts of what should have been forever.
So I challenge you today to begin your journey of self-discovery and personal fulfillment by letting go. You do not know what greatness you are holding yourself from. Find love in a hobby, a career, a sport. Close that door to the dark room you keep staring into, and experience infinite possibilities.

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