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Masinde Muliro University Student Portal


Masinde Muliro University Student Portal

1. Open the university website.
2. Click on the Student Portal menu item
(Click here to open the student portal)
3. Log in to the student portal with:
a) admission no. as the registration number.
b) ID number as your password.
For those without ID’s use your Phone number as the password.
4.Once logged in click on the course registration menu.
5. Fill in your details on the page that appears as follows:
a) Under combination/specialization option select general if:

  • You are pursuing any program other than education .
  • You are a first year student pursuing education arts.

Under combination/specialization option select your teaching courses (e.g if your teaching courses are biology & maths select BIO/MAT) if;

  • You are  pursuing education science
  • You are a 2nd, 3rd or 4th year Education Arts student

b) Under Year of study, Academic year, Date and Semester fill as appropirate.
6. Once all the fields are filled the portal will generate a list of courses under your program.
a) For student pursuing education arts the portal will generate your common/core courses followed by the teaching & optional courses.
The common courses have been preselected for you.
To select the teaching/optional courses tick the checkboxes corressponding with the course you are taking.
Once done selecting the courses click on the submit button to be registered for the same.
b) For students pursuing other programs (other than education arts) the portal will generate your courses. click on submit to be registered for the same.
7.To print the course form (after submitting the courses) click on the courses taken menu.
Fill in the blank fields (i.e year of study, semester, academic year)
Click on view to generate the courses you registered.
Click on the print button to print the courses.
For more information Contact The Directorate of ICT Services, MMUST

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