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Here is the Moving Letter that Made Barack Obama to Visit Kenya in July


Here is the Moving Letter that Made Barack Obama to Visit Kenya in July:

Your Excellency, in view of your recent re-election for the second term as U.S.A President, I Field Marshal Ndiritu Njoka, Servant, Peace Ambassador and President of Men Worldwide wish to congratulate you on your success as the “First Man” in the United States of America. Your Excellency, may I also take this opportunity to congratulate your wife, The First Lady Her Ladyship Michelle Obama and children, for their steadfast stance during your political endeavour in your tenure in office. It is notable that you have achieved important milestones in the American history, among some of the important are, the growth in the American economy, fight against terrorism around the world, granting opportunities for migrant workers in U.S.A, accessing education opportunities in U.S.A universities from developing countries among others.

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Kindly allow me to use this grand opportunity to explore with you matters of concern that need your intervention my new book Coup De Grace 1ST World War of Sexes. Gender Apartheid. 1.Uniform Education Curriculum Worldwide. Worldwide Education Marshal Plan Your Excellency, I would like to address the importance of education in our search for gender equity, today students are going to school and thus attaining a substandard level of education worldwide which to some extent is superior from the older generation and furthermore, the curriculum in schools worldwide is not uniform where some subjects such as gender studies and many others should be incorporated in all schools curricular worldwide. Your Excellency, the destiny of this world lies mostly in your hands and you will agree with me that education is the only key to gender equity and unlocking success to developing countries. It is the high time that education uniformity worldwide should be incorporated as an international millennium goal from elementary to universities level to cut time lost in bridging courses in foreign Nations. Educational systems worldwide have one thing in common; to educate, enlighten and to empower successive generations to carry the mantle of social and economic leadership to the next steps of evolution without hindrances.
Your Excellency, education is supposed to give an individual ability to sustain him/her and use resources available to him/her in a judicial manner so as to have a quality life in this rapidly changing world of high technology. As a Servant of Male Gender Globally, I wish to suggest a uniformity of educational guideline in all Nations since the world has turned to be a “global village.”
Your Excellency, first and foremost, elementary education should be based on individual talents. It does not make sense, Your Excellency, to have educational systems that benefit only 30% of the learners and discards 70% and does not achieve goals and objectives of its charter. Inequality in education should be addressed as a matter of urgency as it is the master key to social and economic growth of any nation. Education should neither be experimental nor should it be politicized. World leaders have failed to address sound educational systems and thus have not achieved the desired skills to tackle the challenges that come with making of a modern state. Most systems worldwide provide standards which do not upgrade students with technical skills for individual advancement. Your Excellency, my opinion is that secondary education should be supposed to culminate university or college students who have passed and are above average in their final primary exams. It is very true that, about half of the students who sit for the final primary exams register marks below average which as well means that they may also register failure in their O level exams and should not be forced to continue to secondary but instead should be diverted to technical institutions and learn skills to boost self employment.
Your Excellency, according to a survey done in Kenya by Equity & Equality Research and Consultancy in the year 2012 in the Months of February to August in 38 Counties, showed that only 10% of secondary schools, managed to send over 50% of the students to universities while others joined mid level colleges. Grave realities showed that 30% of secondary schools managed to send an average of ten to twenty students out of a class of sixty to hundred students to universities while an average of only five to ten students joined mid level colleges. The rest 40% of secondary schools managed to send only five to ten students to either universities or colleges while 30% dropped out due to poor marks. About half of the students who sat for the O level exams registered failure and were branded as school leavers and lacked educational standards that can help them gain formal or informal employment. This can serve as a guideline to other countries and address the failure in the education sector. My opinion is to introduce a long term solution to the inequality of this key sector, by one, re-organizing back all schools to mixed gender to create equal access to education for both sexes and as well provide gender relations instead of “Gender Apartheid.” These institutions will offer state of the art technology learning whose curriculum will be based on sports, games, music, drama, fine art, farming, livestock rearing, bee keeping, rabbit rearing and poultry experts. Your Excellency, other downplayed skills are i.e. advanced mechanical engineering, manufacturing of motor vehicle parts and assembly, motor bikes, bicycles and commercial tailoring, advanced carpentry skills, beauty manufacturing products, catering, tour guide, secretarial, business management and many other courses which will nurture physical, in-born talents and technological skills. Over 50% of secondary schools offer substandard education due to lack of proper facilities like laboratories, advanced workshops, libraries and sporting facilities etc. I will only seek funds to buy the necessary practical items that are required in these new institutions without necessary building more schools. Students will be assured of enough Secondary schools to cater for all these entities that will see the Country and the world embrace a new era of ‘Education Emancipation from Mental Slavery.’ Your Excellency, the survey revealed that 40% of the students who are in secondary schools are suffering from stress connected with the realization that the years spent in these schools will at the end not bear any substantial fruit and is both a waste of time, money, parents and government resource. The inequality in education has led to the anarchy, anxiety, immorality, alcohol, drugs and substance abuse cases where students unrest and arson in schools are as a result of hopelessness and lack of confidence in these unrewarding education systems. 2.Youths rights and “International Teens Day”. As I stated before Sir, education is the key to prosperity and is now available at a younger age than before, we are therefore in a global village. As the premier statesman of the world and the chief leader of the most mighty Nation, I kindly request you to lobby for sovereign states to do the following:-
(A). Lobby for marriage to be entered at the age of 20 years and over in both sexes worldwide in order to create adequate access to education.
(B). Lobby for the youth not to access alcohol until the age of 20 and over worldwide in order to protect the youth from annihilation.
(C). I am particularly concerned that the emphasis on senior teenagers to have their rights early enough since they are more endowed in technological skills which were alien to the older generation.
I request you Sir, to lobby to lower the age when effective registration of youth as responsible citizens who can access modern technology due to transitional change from the common age of 18 down to 15 years while the adult age remains at 18. This will allow the senior teenagers to exercise their fundamental rights and freedoms to participate in meaningful obligations i.e. access to property, right to give evidence in Court, driving, participate in general elections, registration of PIN, ATM, banking, Health Schemes, telecommunication and other modern technology requirements.
(D). I have an idea which will bring more sense and awareness to the teenagers worldwide. Allow me to grace this important age bracket with a proposal to form an “International Teens Day” with celebrations to be held simultaneously on a day to be marked every year possibly every 29th December annually. Mr. President Sir, during this International Day, matters concerning Teens that is the age of 13 to 19 years will exhaustingly be dealt with; delegates from each country will discuss and formulate agendas which will form a basis of a global legislation of a uniform policy on issues affecting the teenagers. All these are some of the iniquities and challenges affecting the teenagers in the world and if enacted will bring growth and balance to all nations while they will also address this marginalized group in social, economic and political spheres. This is the age group that matters, it is the foundation of any given society and the most vulnerable.
(E).Your Excellency, please allow me to have the honour of appointing you Mr. President and The Queen of England, Her Majesty, Elizabeth II as the first pioneer patrons of this noble “Global Gender Empowerment Network.” (GGENET). I am optimistic that, with your meritorious portfolios, you will inspire men and women of the world. You and your families stand out as role models for other couples to emulate.
3. Modern Communication Moods- “Sheng or Asili”
Your Excellency, language is said to be dynamic, it is not static and it increases in scope and substance, incorporating new ideas and concepts, events, scientific names etc. Mr. President Sir, it gains more relevance in the economic and social development of a society if it is an important tool of communication. Your Excellency, languages also borrow vocabulary from one another; languages are classified in two groups, formal and informal. The former are languages that are legally accepted and the latter are a hybrid of mixed languages used by a section of society and is not legally accepted as a national language. Your Excellency, interestingly, no one can rule out that a recent phenomenon has seen the birth of an informal language by the youth called “Sheng or Asili” as it is commonly called which has originated from East Africa and has penetrated in all nations as a tool of communication among all age groups in diverse ethnic backgrounds. “Asili” is unique with a huge potential since it is flexible and does not follow any set pattern and is easy and user friendly. Young kids as young as 2 years talk “ Asili” fluently. It is truly the future language. Mr. President, kindly join me to lobby for all stakeholders to strive to take up the challenge by documenting, legalizing and formalizing “Asili” and make it an alternative language in the same capacity as English, French, Spanish and Swahili. It is my suggestion Sir that, national and international panels made up of experts of this language should be introduced; this however does not mean professors but a panel of youths who are adept in it. Your Excellency, my proposal is that, it should also be included in the school curriculum and should be incorporated in the mass media as a mode of communication and also in music industry which is youth dominated. ”Sheng or Asili” has surpassed any other formal language and can bring cohesion in different communities around Africa and the world. It is true that this dominating language is worth billions of dollars in its investments. Sir, the mentioned panels should compose a dictionary as a reference tool to equip all stake holders with the knowledge and mastery of this new kid on the block. It is encouraging that this innovative concept is broad and has the potential of unveiling over half a billion jobs if well utilized and will favour teenagers and youth as they are well conversant.
4. International Tribes Day and Cultural Week. Your Excellency, culture plays an important role in the society; tribal languages are an identity of one’s culture and forms the roots of the society. Languages such as English, Kiswahili, French, Spanish and Sheng or Asili etc have had adverse effects on culture by disfranchising people from their traditional languages and hence denying people their heritage. Allow me to introduce the idea of forming an “International Tribes Day”, which will advocate for culture. It is my proposal that vernacular languages should as well be integrated in primary to university level. This can create over a staggering billions of new jobs annually worldwide. I therefore humbly suggest that every end week of December Month, be dedicated to honouring “Tribes Day” and a ‘D day’ celebrated on 30th December annually. Please, kindly liaise with the United Nations (UN) and other world leaders to effect this.
5.“Genocide” of Drugs
Your Excellency, I have given special emphasis on alcohol, drugs and substance abuse. This is a problem affecting all Nations in the World, your country being no exceptional. I have therefore in 10% of my book declared “Drugs as an International disaster” and renamed this problem as “Genocide of Drugs” with a good reason. They serve as crimes against humanity and are destroying mankind in millions due to their grave health hazards, therefore affecting the social and economic fibre of the world as they also rob the world economy off trillions of dollars. Your Excellency, it is of my opinion Sir that, it is paramount to form a worldwide anti-drug agency with powers to arrest and prosecute drugs dealers in an “International Drugs Court-(IDC).” Individual countries have failed to come up with solutions to solve this global problem and save the youth from the ongoing annihilation of the human race. Your Excellency, remember your first term election catch phrase as President of America; your slogan was amazing and quite inspirational “Yes We Can” and your new re-election slogan was courageous “Forward.” Surely, Mr. President, you have always been a man of your words and with these two slogans which portray a visionary and missionary zeal to bring leadership to the masses, I believe we together can stamp out the drugs menace for good.
6. Family and Gender Based Violence. (FBV)& (GBV)
Your Excellency, in the course of authoring this book, I have managed to traverse the length and breadth of my country acquiring complex knowledge of gender relations and have met and interviewed thousands of people from different ethnic groups. Among these groups I have interacted with, are all Kenyan tribal elders and have given me a lot of insight and a sense of belonging. It has been interesting to note that family and gender problems in one form or another are somehow similar in all the societies I visited. Coincidentally, they have one thing in common, all lamented about the ‘Emasculation of the male gender.’
Your Excellency, for example I have heard views and comments raised by clansmen who are very pivotal in exercising the rights of the males and in respect of the females. You will agree with me that culture shapes our future and is as well constitutional. Even so, I come from an African society which values its cultural norms but unfortunately Africans currently are seriously beset by episodes related to family and gender imbalance.
Your Excellency, this is due to the strong advocacy of the rights of the females at the expense of the males without taking into account checks and balances. This has pushed the male gender to a corner and has now been left to play second fiddle in management of the family, society and government matters. It is almost true that the male gender has been compromised by the modern world and only left with the duty of siring children. This is as a result of the society abandoning cultural values and surrendering autonomy to the females aimlessly.
Your Excellency, the futurology of the male gender is struggling with the rising rate of unemployment as the women take over since education and empowerment currently have been emphasized in favour of the female gender. This has heavily promoted gender imbalance and has therefore been counterproductive leading to the major cause of family and gender violence, fratricide, matricide and infanticide etc which have increased dramatically worldwide resulting in mass breakdown of family values, destabilizing social and economic development of nations. Your Excellency, for your information, no research or study has fully addressed these problems globally either through taking advantage of the process of Census that is conducted in all Nations. It is my opinion and proposal that a questioner on social and economic status of either gender inclusive of Family Based Violence (FBV) and Gender Based Violence (GBV) status should be enacted as law.
Kindly help me to call on all Nations of the world to use Census as a window to study current realities as a comprehensive source of information on the challenges faced by both genders and handles that lie ahead. 7. Brain Drain Your Excellency, it is true that, brain drain robs the donor country essentials, manpower and skills which are necessary for development in their respective countries of origin especially African Countries where low remuneration and poor working conditions often resulting to workers seeking greener pastures in foreign countries. More often than not, some workers find themselves working in conditions that are a far cry from their aspirations. With your help Sir, it is important to regulate and draw a legal framework on “Trans Migratory Policy (TMP)” whose ultimate aim will be to eliminate human traffic and fleecing unsuspecting desperate workers of their hard earned cash. Some people working in foreign countries i.e. Arab countries have their passports and other personal documents confiscated. Others receive all manner of humiliation and torture including low pay, dehumanizing working conditions while others go through rape, house arrest and lack of pay. Your Excellency, colour and racial discrimination, ethnic hatred is rife while some end up loosing their lives in foreign Countries. It is a fact that some foreigners under the “Green Card Scheme (GCS)” often end up working in substandard educational level conditions which are not commensurate with the average American workers. Some are denied essential social services such as comprehensive medical insurance cover, holiday allowances, voting and reproduction rights, equal opportunities in education, social benefits, racial and origin discrimination and some rigid by-laws. 8. Corruption and impunity Your Excellency, human beings have the habit of taking people with important messages lightly, remember what they said about “Jesus Christ”, they devalued him and called him a mere carpenter, Please don’t take this love letter for granted because it will always be fresh in your memory. I have an indomitable spirit to carry on the “Gender Gospel Crusade” until the male gender achieves its objectives and believe you me, it will automatically be well with the females. Your Excellency, you are as well aware that our continent Africa is beset by poverty, disease, illiteracy and the new “king” on the block ‘corruption’ which has become a cancer in our society. I am not trying to say that there is any corruption-free society in the world but I mean your hand in zero tolerance strategies spear headed by men of integrity like yourself. 9. Artificial Food industry and Chemical Fertilizers Your Excellency, artificial food industry has robbed the farmers their rightful share in providing the world’s citizens of healthy foods and thus cheats the natural fruit and food industry off billions of shillings every year. For instance a small can of concentrated artificial juice will produce thousands of litres of instant juice or soft drink. This is enough to employ tens of farmers profitably to farm the necessary fruits to produce an equal amount of juice and at the same time generate income. Your Excellency, I plead with you to join me in lobbying to raise a red flag to world governments against artificial flavours and additives inclusive of chemical fertilizers which cost governments billions in medical expenses after consuming health hazardous foods resulting to among others impotence, low libido, cancers and other numerous chronic diseases. Your Excellency, the banning of these “Chemical Fertilizers” in favour of “Organic Fertilizers,” flavours and additives will result in a healthier world, savings in medical bills thus leading to sharp increase of social and economic growth and above all the creation of billions of jobs and money worldwide in fruit farming and canning industries.
10. Male Emasculation’
Your Excellency, you are the C.E.O of the only superpower in the world. Although of late China is trying to claim that status but heavens knows. The strong points of your country have been a free democracy and rule of law, a land of opportunities, a highly educated society, a firm leadership and excellent gender relations but yet affirmative action reigns in the most developed Nations even in this 21st Century. Your Excellency, Kindly refer the Holy Bible in Genesis 3: 16 where God spoke directly to the woman and said women will be subject to man till eternity. I am afraid that you are going against the dreams of our founding fathers and soon sorry to say, America may soon miss to be a superpower but a micro power due to this blunder. Your Excellency, personally, I am proud of you and I envy the America as a Nation that was built on a concrete foundation that upholds dignity of its society. Women ‘liberation’ has always been in the forefront of your agenda. They are clamouring for roles which are traditionally the domain of men while strictly withholding their own. I can smell a rat and it will not be a surprise to find all sectors of your economy dominated by women contrary to our forefathers. Your Excellency, this will have adverse effects on the economic and social fabric of your country and is setting a very bad precedent to the world. God forbid, if this boils up, your thriving economy may start teetering on the brink of collapse. No wonder, Africa is at the edge of becoming the next superpower since it has resisted efforts to be enslaved by the so called feminist liberation. I believe individual effort is the bench mark of empowerment. Your Excellency, Since we believe in equal opportunities and equality, selective empowerment should be directed to physically challenged or victims of political and geographical turmoil’s but not an able section of either gender. It is a fact, that all countries with democratic institutions like United States of America have a level playing ground for all its citizens and hence preferential treatment for any gender is both unconstitutional and injustice to the male gender.
11. Your visit to Africa’
Your Excellency, I wish to comment about your visit to Africa. While it is unfortunate that you didn’t consider Kenya as one of your destinations, still you managed to make your point clear on several issues concerning your government policy. I am afraid that I don’t agree on a Key issue of your policy. This concerns the question of ‘gay rights ‘which you emphasized during your inaugural speech. It was an embarrassment to me in particular as the President of men worldwide. Your Excellency, I believe you were elected by God through the American people but not vis versa and I strongly believe that you are serving God through the American people. You are a world Leader whose policies are supposed to bring unity in all diverse issues. The African continent is composed of societies with strong cultural values. The advocacy of homosexuality and lesbianism did not augur well and only managed to sour the goodwill that exists between your country and Africa. I am not sure that your two daughters will agree with your stand. I believe they will want a normal marriage when they grow up. It is an affront to moral and spiritual uprightness and is against the very will of God who appointed you as a world leader. The African Continent is against this issue and no way can it be the kind of thing that we should instil in our future generations. Kindly consider apologizing to Africa about this unfortunate turn of events. I do sympathize with your position since you presented yourself to Africa in a Godly fashion with your family as a role model. I am sure these are not your personal views but you were forced to do so by the policy makers in your Government whom I believe are tainting your image as a global leader of African descent. Your Excellency, Africa is the fastest growing economy in the world and it is having an increasing say in the world affairs currently. Gone are the days when majority of its leaders were despots and dictators. Over 90% of African leaders have embraced democracy and have vibrant democratic institutions that work. Gone are the days when America sneezed and Africa would get cold. These days Africa is working in equal partnership with the rest of the world. We now have our own distinct identity. Africa can no longer be dictated on what to do. We are not divided as most other Countries are made to believe. Off course, we have the strongest social and cultural institutions in the world. We have devolved our Continent into 52 manageable “United States of Africa£ with common goals and inspirations which should not be compromised by foreign ideologies. America is a Continent containing three Sovereign States. The U.S.A. for example is a giant Country with one Head of State. I believe this does not portray unity. American policy is not a universal policy of all its citizens since there are great divisions between states. As it is now common all over the world that U.S.A is too big to be governed by one policy, one command or one man since it is a fact that most policies in USA are not universal. I think it is time for the citizens of USA to consider devolving themselves in several sovereign states so as to have a more clear identity with their government and different opinions on among other issues such gay rights. This happened in the former U.S.S.R where today people enjoy more economic and democratic freedom. You are aware of the Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah. – The Law of these towns advocated homosexuality. God became so angry that he destroyed them with fire. The modern world is at risk and may suffer the same fate? Suppose everyone advocated and practiced this, wouldn’t this bring the extinction of the human race? If animals which are of lesser intelligence than humans stick to the order of things why we should men who were created in the likeness of God and are ‘small Gods on earth’ be so blind to condone this?
12. ‘Karibu’ Kenya- “Hakuna Matata.”
Finally, Your Excellency, some few typical minds might brandish me as a personality seeking world publicity but let me kindly assure you that my calling and activity is divine and my crusade is a genuine attempt to address issues affecting mankind worldwide. Sir, I would fervently wish, you, spare some time away from your busy schedule to visit Kenya and feel our flora, faunas and rich cultural heritage. As a fellow partner in service to the people, I am concerned and worried that you may not find some time during your tenure as U.S.A President.
I remember, your previous visit to Kenya was when you were the Senator of Illinois. Kindly come along with your family to “Kogelo”, your ancestral village. Then to a memorable holiday at my home ground in Nyeri County “Muruguru Village.” “You will at your pleasure enjoy a dish of delicacies of traditional diet of “arrow roots, mukimo’ or ‘kienyeji food’ a mixture of maize, beans, Njahi, banana, pumpkin and thistles leaves among other leaves from nutritious traditional edible African weeds.” Your Excellency, at the height of the visit, I will gift you one basket of groundnuts, avocado and mango fruits for your relatives and friends back home in U.S.A and not to forget a sack of chewable sugarcane to serve as a teeth hardener. Your family will also enjoy our Kenyan sour but spicy porridge as we toast to a glass of ‘muratina’, a traditional alcoholic African wine made from a combination of water, honey and ‘miratina fruit stabilizers’ with no additives or yeast.
Your Excellency, I sincerely long to breath the air of this momentous and auspicious day as you have the real experience of our culture, heritage and togetherness. You will also enjoy the flora, faunas and adventurous moments and episodes of the ancient ‘Mau Mau Caves’ and the spectacular ‘Obama Falls’ a mile away from my mini Palace. It is a rare scenery in Africa since it has similar features as those of the renowned ‘Thomson Falls’ in Laikipia County in Kenya with an approximate 300 Feet water fall. Never mind, previous governs’ have been reluctant to gazette these and other potential tourist attractions like the ‘Maralal Tourist Corridor Hub’ even after proposals to relevant ministries.’ Your Excellency, I will also have the honour to take you and your family for a visit to enjoy the Kenyan ‘Big Five’ wild animals and other collection of wonderful menageries. It is a fact that these and other tourist attraction sites and destinations can boost the Kenyan economy with millions of job creation annually and also generate revenue in form of additional billions.
Kindly allow me to award you the honour and privilege to unveil this mastery unique God’s landscape which I do hereby name after you Sir, as ‘Obama Falls.’ Lastly, with your guidance, let us solve gender problems and empower the family as a single legal entity to avoid further divisions where everyone will be recognized as equal stakeholders, from the ‘roots’ (God) and all will be well with the ‘stem’ (Man) and ‘branches’ (Woman), and leaves(Children) and ‘fruits’ (Peace, Love and unity). I am persuaded by my instincts that even though this letter might be the first ever lengthy detailed letter to you from a stranger, I am optimistic that you will spare some time to meditate and read the accompanying literature.
I also hope that it will find favour with you and will advise me accordingly. I wish you all the best in all your endeavours. In summary, I congratulate the American people once more for entrusting you as the First African American President, elected in the history of the world. Surely, everyone worldwide is proud of you.
I wish you good luck and success as you usher the world into an era of social and economic well being. Remember to pass my greetings to your wife and children and kindly recommend the American people to visit Kenya in large numbers so that they can also enjoy themselves in this beautiful land of God.
Kudos and keep up the spirit- Sir Barrack Obama!
May the almighty God bless you and bless America.
Yours sincerely and in service to mankind,
Field Marshal Ndiritu Njoka- Servant and President – Male Gender Worldwide & Global Peace Ambassador.

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