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Mutahi Ngunyi: How Raila Plans to be Prime Minister Again


Political Analyst Mutahi Ngunyi on Wednesday hinted at a plan that CORD leader Raila Odinga could be scheming to force a coalition Government come the 2017 General Election.
Speaking during an interview on Jeff Koinange Live (JKL) show, Ngunyi indicated that Odinga would not win the presidential election and the only way he would get into Government was to push for a coalition.

“There is a scheme being executed here systematically. Raila Odinga has discovered that at the age of 72, he has only two choices; to either become President or force a Coalition Government, and forcing a Coalition Government he will,” Mutahi stated.

According to Ngunyi, the former Prime Minister was already underway with his plan to root for the joint government which involves a three-pointer strategy.

“One you must set up a tallying centre in Germany as he told us he would do. So that when the results are out, he declares that actually he is the one who won. The idea is for him to declare himself President and as a result, precipitate a crisis,” he said.

The political scientist noted that the number two and three plan by Mr Odinga were to stain the reputation of the Judiciary and the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) before going to the polls.
In doing so, Ngunyi highlighted that Odinga would build a perception in the minds of Kenyans of tainted bodies that could not be trusted with handling elections.
The Professor, who generated the famous ‘tyranny of numbers’ hypothesis, added that once Odinga loses the election he would say that the IEBC’s results were not credible and that he cannot go to the Supreme Court for justice as it can also not be trusted.

“So the idea is to barstadise the IEBC, so that when the election results are announced, you can come and say, see guys I told you these guys are thieves.” Ngunyi stated.

Ngunyi pointed out that Odinga’s allegations would be believable as the notion had already been planted in the minds of the public long ago.
He added that the country would then be left in a crisis forcing it to go into a coalition.
Ngunyi remarked that a Coalition Government was a good idea and the only solution Kenya had eradicate division.
He concluded his argument stating that Kenya should create the position of a Prime Minister as Kofi Annan offered the country after the 2007 election for better representation of communities.
CORD has gone on record calling for the disbandment of the electrol body claiming that the Commission was not independent.
The Opposition has also faulted the Supreme Court’s authenticity in the execution of justice.

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