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Reasons Why Women Should Avoid Dusty Weaves…


We cannot all afford to rock it big and expensive like Sidika does, but it is no excuse for carrying a flea infested gunia on your head. Underline the word FLEA!
There are women walking past you everyday who play host to creatures in their hair. Those shaggy,  ugly, pale weaves you see on their heads, are homes to hundreds of flea larvae, which in a few months will burst out of their cocoons and suck her blood in glee. And after they hungrily feast on  blood, the bites often appear in clusters or lines of two bites, and can remain itchy and inflamed for up to several weeks afterwards. Fleas can also lead to loss of natural hair resulting to  frequent scratching on the head.
Relate the above image to your specific skin tone. And don’t think because you do not have these rashes yet then your head is flea-free, those parasites can live several months on your head just sleeping in their cocoons waiting for the right time to feed. And your sweaty weave is providing the right environment for their little siesta.
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So Madam, past three weeks is too long a time to still be carrying that kiraka on your head. It doesn’t matter how glossy and new it still looks, fleas only need the right temperature, a humid environment and food supply. With these, an adult flea can live up to 100days on your head. Which, in simpler math, is equivalent to the 3months you strutting everywhere with that weave.

You can get fleas anywhere, simple contact between persons is enough to transfer them. Question is whether or not you are providing the perfect environment for them to breed. Mark you, those things can lay up to 5000 eggs in their lifetime, on your head!
Walk to the salon today, and have some fresh hair sewed on. You can go all Lupita if you like, it is way better than carrying a luggage that plays host to a clan of little scary creatures with tube-like teeth.

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