Married Nairobi women luring broke students to sex chamas

Some women’s chamas in Nairobi are being used to hide married women’s sexual flings, The Nairobian can reveal. In some cases, a chama has university boys who come to ‘service ‘ chama members after close of business.
The Nairobian exclusively interviewed Wanzala, a 28-year-old man who was part of a team dubbed ‘the fantastic four’ but has since seen the light and become a born-again Christian hence his coming out to confess.
Wanzala was introduced to the women’s chama by a colleague with whom he worked as a messenger at a city car dealership earning Sh15, 000 a month.
Being single and with most of his former class mates doing better than him, Wanzala wanted to make money by any means necessary.

Things changed when Alex, a colleague asked whether he would attend a party where “there will be women and I might even have sex,” recalls Wanzala, adding that the party was in a Lavington home whose parking was full with cars.
But there was no party. Just eight middle aged women with two other young men. Wine was in the house and after 30 minutes after drinking his wine, one of the women asked him to sit next to her. He agreed. She put her hand on his knee as the two guys and Alex left for upstairs where Wanzala had a session with the woman who said she was called Liz.
There were condoms in the dresser next to the bed. More wine. A different woman walked in when Liz left. More wine. When all was done Wanzala showered and dressed up.
For their day at the ‘office’ the four were paid Sh50,000 to split.
Wanzala later learnt that the women were in a chama where after their meeting, sex was in the cards. It happened every month. Of the eightwomen, five were married.
In March this year, Wanzala got saved and decided to quit living in sin. “I told my friend that I would no longer go for the sessions. I used to get 12, 500… but it’s all behind me. I am a changed man,”’ says Wanzala who was ministered to by Pastor Robert Burale.
“When he came to me, he had deep psychological issues and I recommended a good shrink for him. The lifestyle was wearing him down and he said he felt so empty,” says Burale, now Wanzala’s ‘spiritual father.’
“I am a changed person. I don’t know those women’s husbands but I want to apologise to them to all I did. I was blind but right now I accepted Jesus and I saw the light,” says Wanzala who came to Nairobi in 2013.
— Nairobian Reporter

Classic FM presenter, Maina Kageni, has come out to expose a new cartel of old rich women paying young energetic men huge amounts of money to service them.

According to Maina, these old Mamas are set to hold a Cougar Party next week in Lavington as evident in the event poster below.Only men below 35 years are invited and they will be paid Ksh 15,000 each to satisfy the old mamas.
Some young college and university students are making a cool Ksh 60,000 per month by just servicing these rich women.
Most of the women involved in this business are married but their husbands are not satisfying them.
That’s Nairobi for you; the city has become morally dirty.

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