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Read President Uhuru Kenyatta's Letter to #Garissaattack Victim's Family


Read President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Letter to Victim’s Family;
To the family of Annah,
I write to you with great pain and sadness hoping to share a few words of comfort and sympathy over the untimely and violent death of your daughter, by the hand of terrorists.
Annah was a young, productive person of great promise. She had every right to live and realise her dream in life, and you had every right to expect much from the sacrifice, love and support invested in her growth and development. My government has done a lot to contain the threat of terrorism.
We are doing much more even as I write this. Unfortunately, terrorists are using our own young people to perpetrate their evil. Many lethal killers are typical members of our communities who share our schools, homes, hospitals, villages and neighbourhoods. They hide their vicious intentions behind an elaborate mask of normalcy and composure, and unleash it with neither warning nor rational excuse.
Please know that this tragedy has nothing to do with you, or any act or failing on your part or on the part of your departed child. Understanding it is nearly impossible because we have to confront the unacceptable fact that there are people among us who are deeply devoted to causing pain, death and destruction of others and themselves. That is too much to comprehend.
The whole nation stands with you at this difficult and painful time. We pray for you every day that the Almighty God may give you comfort, and help us all find the answers to this tragedy. My government will provide all the support you will need to come to terms and eventually try to move past this bitter cup. My government assures you of justice for this brutality.
We pledge to work harder for a better and more just country in honour of the memory of those we have lost. I write to you in humility to express my regret at the loss of your dearly beloved child. We share your pain.
Accept my condolences and that of the entire country. I promise that as a nation, we shall never forget her, nor forgive those who took her life.
Yours Sincerely,
H.E Uhuru Kenyatta C.G.H.,
President of the Republic of Kenya

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