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10 Things You Should Know About Reverend Natasha, Kenya’s Hottest Pastor


1. She is not Rwandese

Contrary to what local blogs and online sites earlier published, her parents are both Kenyan.
“I think many people believe I am Rwandan because when a lot of blogs were writing about me in June, I was uploading a lot of images on social media from Rwanda – I had visited the country for ministry,” clarified Natasha.
The evangelist is the first born in a family of three, and she has sister named Shiphra and brother named Shafique.
“I always say being a first born is not a privilege; it is more of a responsibility. You are a pace setter to your siblings. Our ages are so close, and so we grew up together,” said the minister.

2. She grew up in Huruma, Eastlands

With a nostalgic smile the gorgeous pastor revealed that she’s from ‘Eastlando’.
“I grew up in Huruma. That was my life’s foundation. You can imagine some of the people I started life with have now been shot. It was difficult growing up. I am a seed of mercy. Looking back, I can say it is by God’s grace I made it this far,” said Natasha.

3. She was raised by a single mother

Natasha’s parents separated and her mum raised her and her siblings.
“My mother has always been a very hardworking woman. She struggled to raise us up. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I appreciate the much effort she has put in me.”

4. She had speech disorder as a child

Reverend Natasha revealed she could not speak fluently as a child.
She stammered quite severely, but she was healed when a man of God prayed for her.
“When I was a child, I faced a lot of difficulties. I was a stutterer so I could not speak clearly. When I was 9-years-old when the stammering miraculously ceased,” said Natasha.
The preacher confessed that the miracle made a huge impact in her life as growing up with a speech impediment was difficult.
She went further to reveal that when she was healed she begun engaging in debates, poems in Primary school.

5. Ministry flows in her family

Reverend Lucy Natasha’s grandmother was a pastor during her hey days and her mother is also an ordained Reverend.
“I am a third generation pastor. The calling (to ministry) came when I was too young to understand. Through involvement in church activities, I found my true purpose – to serve the Lord,” said Natasha.
Though she grew up in a religious home, the road to full time ministry was a long one.
“Actually my siblings saw the stages I passed through to be a fulltime evangelist. It is not something which happened instantly.”
Natasha wakes up at 3:00 am every other morning to pray and read the Bible-a practice she borrowed from her mum.

6. She enjoys traveling

“My mission statement is very short – reaching the unreached with the gospel,” asserted the evangelist.
That, according to Natasha, is the main reason she has toured more than 25 countries in her ministry.
“What drives me is seeing people being liberated by the preaching and the teaching of the word. That is what moves me to take my gospel to places like Doha-Qatar; Leicester, Birmingham-United Kingdom, Nigeria, South Africa, Malawi, Ethipoia Rwanda and other regions,” said Natasha.
What countries would she like to travel to? Israel is at the top of her list, followed by France, Turkey and Spain.
“Israel is a special one for me since it brings the Bible to life; it’s a nice destination for any Christian who wants to connect with the Bible,” she advised.

7. She’s an author

In addition to preaching the gospel, the soft spoken pastor is also an author.
Natasha has written four books: Characteristics of a God Leading Lady, Secrets of a Prayer Warrior, 7 Keys to Success and Every Problem has an Expiry Date.

8. She cooks square chapatis

When she’s not preaching or writing, Natasha can be found taking photos.
“Photography helps me to capture the memories, share my experiences and stories which would last forever,” she said passionately.
The preacher, whose favorite meal is ugali, greens and beef, also enjoys cooking.
“I also love cooking because the genes run in my family – both of my siblings are professional chefs.I do enjoy cooking Swahili dishes, but not chapatis – oh my God! (Laughs) – they always turn out to be square-shaped.”

9. She is single

Marriage is important to the globetrotting evangelist, and she is looking forward to settling down in the next five years.
“I am single, but I would love to have a family in the near future. I believe that God gives us the right life partners we just have to be patient and prayerful about it.”
Reverend Lucy revealed her ideal kind of man: “I would like to marry a man after God’s own heart; one that will be my best friend and is sincere. I have no those specifications like he has to be a preacher like me, or in corporate world or business.”
Reverend Lucy does not see men who flock her ministry because of her beauty as a challenge. Instead, says their attention is actually an opportunity to convert more people to God’s ways.

10. She would like to have two kids

When asked about the number of kids she would like to have, she quickly interjected amidst laughter: “It depends with my future husband! Considering the current economic times, I would stick with two as my number. The gender of the kid does not matter.-  Citizen Digital

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