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When He Sends Suggestive Messages To You


Joe: Hi
Me: Hi there…
Joe: What u upto?
Me: Googling stuff…you?
Joe: What are you googling?
Me: First tell me what u doing.
Joe: Thinking about you.
Me: What about me?
Joe: Your chocolate skin… send me a pic of you.
10 minutes pass. NB: Joe is a new friend I just made last week. Why is he getting so personal?
Joe: Umelala?
Me: No.
Joe: Will you come see me next week?
Me: Where?
Joe: My house.
Me: Why your house?
Joe: You dont want to sleep over? It will be fun.
I log off.
Seriously, I am not getting it. He is not the first one, so I am not surprised. I am angered. Am I the one sending the wrong messages to these people? I dress decently, I smile just enough in conversations. I admit I talk a lot, but I don’t believe I say anything to sexually objectify me! What is wrong with these people?
It is because of such men that I do not believe a woman was raped because she said something to warrant that, or walked in a particular manner, or dressed in some way. These people choose to do what they do.
A man thinks (or he doesn’t), and decides to use his time to disrespect a woman. Be it verbally, emotionally or physically. It is sexual harassment. And it should stop.
If at no point a woman has shown interest in your gonads or any other apparatus you own whatsoever, keep your peace. Stay on your own lane.
If you HAVE TO sexually harass someone, then please, sexually harass yourself. And do have fun while at it.

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