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Sh10m Gift Girl, Laura Akunga Admitted to Hospital


Laura Akunga, the woman who bought her husband a 10 million shillings car was yesterday admitted in hospital
after the unexpected happened.
Laura was sued by a former business partner for having allegedly refused to pay him the 17.6 million shillings
she owed him. Upon hearing this – alongside other accusations – the Benchmark Solutions CEO became sick.
“Upon hearing the reports on media from last week, Laura Akunga went into shock and was hospitalised
only to realise that she is expecting a baby. The pressure and reports in the media were too much for
one person to handle. The drama started on Saturday after she posted a picture of the car she bought the
husband,” a source told The Star Newspaper yesterday.
However, she later realized that she’s now expectant. Laura hasn’t responded to the string of accusations that
have been fired at her since she posted photos of her husband’s flashy birthday.

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