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Meet Sportpesa Jackpot Winner of 22 Million Elimah Khanaitsa


Sportpesa Jackpot Winner of 22 Million , Elimah Khanaitsa who’s a mother of two guessed her way to prosperity.

Elimah has proved it wrong that January is a jinxed month of the year leaving even her husband not believing it.

This sees Elimah Khanaitsa, swooping a mega fortune of Ksh. 22,049,424/- in last Week’s Sportpesa Jackpot.Elimah an adherent Arsenal fan, who frequently plays on Sportpesa, was the only person who managed to correctly predict the 13 Jackpot matches, making history as the first woman to ever  win the Sportpesa Jackpot.
The mother of two hails from Kakamega County in western Kenya, where she helps her husband to run their family business. She was introduced to Sportpesa and Sport’s betting by a colleague and frequents the site since then to make her predictions hoping to win and make extra cash just like all other users.  She has won several Single and Multi bets, but was attracted to the jackpot because of the life changing fortunes being offered.
Elimah a cognizant football fan, employs her soccer mastery on betting by tactfully analyzing all her predictions before placing a bet. But In a rare twist of events, last was week was different as she made her predictions, based s on her own judgment and opinion of the strongest teams, without any necessary research and as fate would have it, all her predictions turned out to be correct.
She is excited about her big win and will take time to explore the best avenues in which to invest, her mega fortunes.

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The Sportpesa jackpot also rewards bonuses to all users who get 12, 11 and 10 correct predictions.  Last week all users who got 12 correct predictions earned an instant cash bonus of Ksh. 503,058/- Those who got 11 Correct predictions  earned Ksh. 18,399/- and those of 10 Correct predictions  earned Ksh. 2,703/- all instantly and directly to their mobile money accounts.
Sportpesa , just to re affirm the promise to make 2016 a year of great rewards and also as a token of appreciation to all subscribers who play the Sportpesa Jackpot,  the minimum Jackpot amount to start and progress to 10 Million (Ksh.10,000,000/=).  Now everybody seems a  winner with Sportpesa!You can try your chance to play for Jackpot HERE>>

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