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Steve Harvey’s Slavery Comment Draws Anger


The founder of “eFlirt,” Laurie Davis joined Steve to show off a new dating app called Happn, designed to help you connect with people you’ve crossed paths with.
On a recent episode of his eponymous daytime talk show, Steve Harvey made an attempt at being humorous about his ancestors and Black History, much to the delight of his mainly-white female audience. But his Black fans and critics want an apology for what they are calling a disrespectful, hurtful, and downright bad joke.
The show was airing a segment in which people on the street ask Harvey for advice.  A white woman from Greensboro, NC asked him what she should do when the topic of history comes up at gatherings, because she doesn’t know much about it. Harvey said that she should do what he does and just say, “I don’t really care for slavery,” and walk away.
“I don’t give a damn if they’re talking about Christopher Columbus … I don’t care what the subject is … my favorite line is ‘I don’t give a damn about slavery,’ and walk off,” Harvey elaborated.

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