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Five Reasons Why You Should Stop Paying For DSTV


DSTV: Five Reasons why you do not qualify to be called wise if you are still paying DSTV

By Gordon Opiyo
1) DSTV was the In thing in the days normal TV had only 4 channels. Then, it made lots of sense to get DSTV. But with the Digital TV Era…. it makes 0 sense to have DSTV when every TV has multiple channels.
2) When you pay the extremely high DSTV rates, you are actually paying to be locked out of exciting new TV Channels. For Instance Njata TV is the In thing for Kikuyus, Lolwe TV is the channel to watch for Luos, Merus have Baite TV, Luhyias have Namba One TV and West TV, and Health TV is bringing you world class medical information to your living room. If you pay DSTV- you are paying to be locked out to watch what the rest of Kenya is watching.
3) When it rains, DSTV signal disappears. The Digital Signal is never affected by rain. Whenever it rains, you are sure to spend at least sh 100 calling the few DSTV customer care agents.
4) If you are interested in watching international channels that are not in the Digital Platform- you can simply walk to Luthuli Avenue and buy a Satellite Dish for 5K and a Satellite Decoder for 4 K. With the 10K, you can get hundreds of free channels. Just get the right direction to set the dish. Why Pay 9,400 bob per month if you can get the same channels for free forever at the same amount of money?
5) Most Football lovers end up watching crucial games in Pubs and Hotels with buddies. Rarely do you get someone watching the game alone…. so is it wise to pay 9,400 to get football games that you will never watch at Home?
Hebu Tafakari Hayo Nduguzanguni…
The article was extracted from Facebook profile of Gordon Opiyo

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