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5 Things About Cheryl Kitonga, The Alleged Side Chick Who Was With Jacob Juma On The Night Of His Murder


3. She dated popular twitter bigwig

We will not mention names here but Nyakundi did anyway. Popular twitter bigwig who studied Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Nairobi dated Cherly Kitonga before Jacob Juma allegedly started eating her ‘cherry’.

4. She didn’t want people to know she had a fling with Jacob Juma

In the recorded telephone conversation that Mohammed Ali leaked in his exposé, ‘Kaburi La Wazi’, Cheryl disclosed she lived with her parents.
That explains why she didn’t want people to associate her with a married Jacob Juma. A taxi would sneak her to wherever she was meeting the slain businessman.
Jacob would then drop her in town in the cover of darkness as he drove to his Karen home; just like how it happened on that fateful night that JJ died.

5. She’s smart but not smart enough

The moment Mohammed Ali exposé went up, Cherly Kitonga was quick to deactivate her Facebook account so that keyboard warriors wouldn’t track her on social media.
But she forgot that we work with lightening speed, her photos and info were already picked by the time she was busy deleting her social media presence.
She wasn’t even smart enough to know Mohammed Ali set up the driver that used to ferry her around for her alleged debauchery missions, to extract information from her about where exactly Jacob Juma dropped her off on the night that he was killed.
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