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Top 10 Fashionistas in Kenya


Top 10 Fashionistas in Kenya

  1. Vera Sidika

The size of her derrière in a music video marked her entrance into the public scene, but it’s her remarkable fashion sense and overrated shopping sprees abroad that has kept her on top of her game. When it comes to fashion, Vera Sidika never disappoints, always keeping it classy and elegant. Anything would go well with Sidika’s body type, but she doesn’t let this calm her into settling for ‘anything’.

  1. Nielsine Muthoni

Give it up for the youngest fashionista in Kenya! Barely 2 years old, Nielsine rocks her outfits like nobody’s business. She almost makes you wish you were a baby all over again to keep it all chick and glam just as she does. Her mother, Silvia Njoki, a renown Kenyan fashionista, showcases the baby’s outfits on her blog, silvianjoki.com and on lil_edgykenyan Instagram account.
Photo: silvianjoki.com

  1. Liz Madowo

‘Fearlessly fashionable’ is how she describes her style on lizmadowo.co.ke, and true to that, she keeps her look fearlessly classy and stylish. Her outfits always go well with her chocolate skin, her make-up on fleek. She is evidently not afraid to play with colors, and the skill in which she combines bright colors is amazing. Liz is definitely a name to watch out for in the fashion scene, she is coming hard and fast. photo courtesy of lizmadowo.co.ke

  1. Brenda Wairimu

Humble, beautiful, sexy and stylish are just a few words to describe this amazing woman who is definitely a trendsetter in the Kenyan fashion scene. She has graced our screens, magazines, blogs; it would be impossible not to spot her delicious fashion sense. From maxis to short dresses to jeans, Brenda always gets it right.

  1. Nancie Mwai

Her blog, ‘The Fashion Notebook’, was voted best fashion blog of the year for two years in a row. They made no mistake, Nancie is definately yule dem in this field. Her fashion taste is quite diverse, from the shoes to the hair to the clothes, quite a collection. She experiments with different colors and designs, goes to great lengths to put together an awesome outfit. Her bold and creative designs have seen her stay at the top, and we all hope this is just the beginning for this amazing blogger.

  1. Sharon Mundia

Popularly known as ThisisEss, Sharon keeps her fashion taste rich and delicious. Her fashion blog was nominated as one of the best, which indiscriminately places her at the top of the list of Kenya’s best fashion bloggers. Features on her blog not only acts as a platform to showcase her style, but also provides a sneek-peak into her exciting personal life. For Sharon, fashion is evidently a part of her life, and not just a part-time act.

  1. Lilian Muli

Would a fashion list be complete without the mention of this hot mama! Lilian rocks the cake with the icing complete. What did I just say? You’ll spot her mostly in skirts and short dresses, which Yours Truly thinks work perfectly for her hourglass frame. The shoes, the hair, minimal makeup, Lilian never goes wrong. Her soft, easy nature makes you almost forget all about her, and only remember the strikingly fashionable outfits she graces our television screens in. Over the years, Lilian’s sense of style has been one to watch, and from the look of things, she’s only getting better.

  1. Huddah Monroe

Spot her in neon colors, in black, in blue, in white, you will notice Huddah from afar. Gold jewellery be her thing, fitting outfits and lately, her short hair. Browsing through her social media pages, Huddah’s fashion style is adventurous and quite daring. She keeps it classy, sassy and chick any day. Only one question remains, Huddah, where do you shop please?

  1. Diana Opoti

She is a director at Artemis Media and executive producer for Designing Africa magazine. Diana is a highly respected television producer, which automatically places her in the limelight. No waste of chance here, Diane prefers a mature and graceful fashion sense that naturally complements her status and personality. Once in a while, she will rock African designs that go perfectly with her beautiful African body and skin.

  1. Dianne Abok

She is just 22, but slow and sure taking the fashion world by storm. Quite a number of her pieces are handmade, mostly re-designed to create that perfect look. Diane’s body type allows her to experiment with a variety of different designs, an opportunity she doesn’t let go wasted. Her pieces are creative, sometimes trendy, but what remains is she is arguably one of the youngest and most skilled fashionistas in our country.
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